CD Projekt apologizes for a joke



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Earlier today, the official Cyberpunk Twitter account tweeted this out:
Upon reading this, I'm sure many of you are curious about what you missed. "What offensive, deplorable shit did they tweet this time?" you might be asking yourself. Well, in response to a fan on Twitter, they replied with this, an innocent, somewhat overused joke about hypersensitive social justice advocates:

In case you weren't horrified, Kotaku is here to educate you on why CD Projekt Red should collectively self-immolate:


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I mean, they shouldn't apologise, but that joke was terrible. Awful. Not because its "offensive", but because it just sucks. It makes me sick how bad that joke is. It did restore some will to live, however, because after reading that joke I know I can only go uphill from here.


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We had quite the discussion about this at the CP2077 disc untill the mods said *no politics!*

This happened with Doom Eternal and now CP2077.
''A joke that I found offensive triggered me and those around me''
''The joke was bad, I just rolled my eyes, pls ID/CDPR apologize for bad joke''

Even if a joke is bad, it's still a joke, they have the right to tell it if they want to.

this whole ''outrage over jokes''
It's stupid.
They should not need to apologize.

All jokes can be offensive
but if you read a joke and you actually feel attacked, then you have made a choice to be offended, and when you choose to be offended by a joke, then the blame falls 100% on you, and 0% on the person who told the joke.

Imagine going to a comedyshow and they say something about religion, you have two choices to pick from here. ''it's a joke'' or ''It's an attack on me/us!''

Nothing happens when you're offended, most of us are offended by actions or words every day, but we choose not to let it get to us.
when you go public about how bad you feel over something that offended you, you are ONLY looking for attention.

You did not do it to ''Raise awareness about triggers'' you did it for internet points and appriciation, and you are a cunt for it.
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I don't know about you guys, but that joke really set something off inside me. triggered some profound, dark emotion that wallows in my soul waiting for the moment a joke can set it free. The prophets have spoke of this day for millennia, the day I would be "offended."

The darkness is awakening. It's changing me.


Huh. Nothing happened, I'm fine. Turns out it's just a bad joke.

Glad I didn't mistake it as anything else and turn my confusion into overreacting anger like those other people.