CD Projekt Red confirmed for E3. Cyberpunk 2077 reveal coming?

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    According to E3's website, CDPR, the developers of The Witcher series, is coming back to the expo/convention after being absent last year. In addition, media reports corroborated by insider sources claim that a Cyberpunk 2077 E3 reveal trailer and demo is coming to this year's E3. What are your thoughts? When will Cyberpunk release?
  2. It's not really 100% but according to inside info that's what they plan on doing, along with a demo of it.

    not sure how it'll end up, games have been delayed in the past, but i have had my fingers crossed since 2013 so i'll keep on hoping ;D
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  3. Yeah, CDPR will almost certainly be there as they're on E3's list of participating companies, but for all we know, they'll just show off more Gwent content.
    Cyberpunk seems different from The Witcher in just about every way, so I'm extremely curious what they'll do with it. It seems like a franchise that has the potential for an amazing video game, so I'm optimistic.

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