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    After Working for Pegasus Industries in the Corporate Center for 2 years, they have decided to get rid of you and you're given your walking papers, It's not a well sitting feeling, because you know what happens to those who get left without a job in Night city, they become Nomads, or worse Zeroes who live in slums...

    Your supervisor has ordered your presence in his office, his voice is heard through the speakers as you fill out your form, the last form you'll ever sign with the corporate digital pencils.

    Most people in this situation has rolled over, and gotten on.
    but you are not most people.

    A former colleague has left a message on your phone, speaking of a grand opprotunity.
    Well... No time like the present to check it out.

    Augmentations are enchancements to the human body, speed up your reflexes, increase your strength? replace your arm with a robotic one?
    all of it and more is possible!
    Cyberoptics are a combination of digital processor and camera. Cyberoptics are replacements for normal eyes. Cyber vision is just like regular vision, only better. Colors are brighter, images sharper. And that's just the start.

    Want to see life as a 30s black and white movie? No problem. Telescopic or microscopic vision? Optional. Infrared and low light vision? Standard for Solos.

    A Cyber Interface is hardware that allows one to perceive raw data as pseudo-physical objects by turning information into artificial sensory stimuli.

    The human mind can't comprehend a stream of data any more than it can "see" an electron. It needs a way to interpret the incoming data as something meaningful. So Netrunners use an interface program — a super advanced version of the more primitive "virtual reality" systems of the 1990's to interpret for them. The interface intercepts data coming through the cyberdeck and translates it into something understandable — then routes the altered data to the Netrunner's eyes and ears. The world perceived through the interface is real, because it directly plugs into his senses.

    So why go through all the trouble to create interfaces? Why not just use a keyboard like the rest of the meat minds? Partially for the fun of it. But in addition, a realistic and dangerous interface gives the Netrunner an extra edge. It keeps him alert, involved and interested in his environment. After all; what would you react faster to-the word Demon appearing in the air in front of you, or a living, breathing, five-ton monster cracking a flaming whip over your head?

    You betcha.
    Something happens when you start adding metal and plastic to people. They start to change. And it isn't pretty. we call this cyberpsychosis; a mental disease in which the addition of cybernetics causes an 'already unstable personality to fragment. he starts to ignore people, parents, friends, lovers. Eating, sleeping all become less important. Finally, human interactions begin to irritate, culminating in a terrifying rage that consumes the victim entirely.

    Cyberspychosis varies from person to person, but it's never a good thing, being influenced by your augments.

    If someone goes Psycho, there is a big chance that the PsychoSquad will find you aswell.

    Bodysculpt jobs that emphasize the alien or inhuman are known as "Exotics." Vat-grown tails, furred skins, hooves, animal-like faces and ears, cats eyes and other semi-human features are the highlights of this style. Exotic fashion is incredibly expensive, time consuming and usually a hobby among only the very rich and very bored. Prices are based on the individual enhancements.

    Facial Sculpts combine vat-grown parts such as muzzles, whiskers, animal-like ears, manes and cat eyes with the patient’s normal features. There are entire booster gangs based around various animal motifs of this type.

    Tails are grown in vats, using gene bank tissue. They can be furred, tinted, scaled or bare skin. The tail is grafted to the base of the spine and linked to the nervous system by nanotech nerve threaders. Tails are relatively weak; they can pick up about a half pound.

    Hooves, claws and paws can be grafted to replace normal feet and hands. They are not as dexterous as normal digits

    Skin alteration uses transform DNA to change the structure of the patient‘s skin. Using tailored DNA, the skin can be induced to grow patterned fur, light scales, or exotic skin colors.



    Night City

    a city of five million people on the west coast of the United States located between Los Angeles and San Francisco.​

    Corporations in the Cyberpunk universe are mostly large, powerful conglomerates largely called "megacorps". Following a vast socio-economical collapse and a period of martial law, the United States government has had to rely on several megacorps to survive. This has given them a veritable carte blanche to operate as they will. This included the repeal of important anti-trust, worker/consumer protection and environmental protection laws. In this enviroment, megacorps have a great deal of control over their own employees.

    As megacorps maintain a tight control of the job market, termination means abject destitution with no hope of meaningful employment. Such people end up as wayfaring Nomads or as homeless "Zeros" surviving in urban war zones. The only exception to this are people with a lot of valuable information or skills that would be highly sought after by competing companies.

    Such employees are kept on if only to protect that info, although they would get the worst kinds of work. Otherwise, such "assets" are literally "in for life" with a high risk for "early retirement" should they seek "other opportunities".

    Employees are provided for with safe, company-owed gated communities. They are typically monitored in their own homes with no legal recourse. The pressure to maintain one's lifestyle and job security creates an extreme degree of company loyalty.

    Megacorps are so powerful, it is not unusual for them to maintain a small personel army. They are refereed as "Corporate Security", but they are armed and equipped like military personal. Competition between corporations have boiled over into all out warfare called "Corp Wars". Such conflicts are as violent and intense as national conflicts, generally using neighborhoods has battlefields (although, most neighborhoods in the world of Cyberpunk would only be made safer by carpet bombing the hell out of it).

    Needless to say, to all but hardcore Ayn Rand fans, mega-corporations are not the good guys. But given the cyberpunk genre, nor are the heroes...

    Cyberpunk is not about saving the WORLD... It's about saving YOURSELF.

    Your Employer:

    Pegasus Industries.
    A relative new addition to the Mega Corps.
    Mainly they are responsible for dealing in cargo transportation and Vehicle manufacturing intended for cargo transports.

    As the Corporation expanded they developed safer cargo planes, and better security meassures, mounting guns of their own designs on the cargo planes, they have expanded into manufacturing weapons aswell.

    Other Megacorporations:

    Arasaka, a huge Japanese zaibatsu headed by a megalomaniacal CEO obsessed with making Japan into a superpower.

    , an Italian biotechnology, pharmacology, and cybernetics firm.

    Euro Business Machines (EBM)
    , an information technology corporation headquartered in Germany.

    , a commercial think-tank and information repository.

    International Electric Corporation (IEC)
    , a European conglomerate involved in multiple and diverse industries ranging from consumer products to heavy construction through to corporate finance and insurance.

    , a Japanese armament company

    Lazarus Group
    , an American private military contracting and private security firm with close ties to Militech

    Merril, Asukaga & Finch
    , financial analysts.

    , a computer and electronics manufacturer.

    , American arms manufacturer and mercenary contractor with strong ties to the US Government and its military; its CEO desires to make the US into a superpower again and often competes with Arasaka for influenc

    , a major transportation manufacturer

    Network News 54
    , an American broadcasting company

    Orbital Air
    , an African corporation with a monopoly on space transportation

    , an energy company

    Raven Microcybernetics
    , leading cybernetics company

    , a Neo-Soviet oil giant, controlling a vast percentage of the petrochemicals market.

    Trauma Team International
    , a private medical firm also dealing in medical insurance, prepaid disaster relief, prepaid CSAR, etc.; teams extract their patients from hostile Landing Zones and then evacuate them to an emergency care facility.

    World News Service
    , a worldwide news conglomerate, similar to the Associated Press or Fox News Corporation

    World Satellite Communications Network (WorldSatCom)
    , a satellite communications giant

    , a computer, cyberdeck, robotics, and cybernetics manufacturing company

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    Roles and Skills

    General Skills:
    (i'm going to use the Special system for this, it's easy to get and implement.)

    Strength ( Unarmed combat, handling machinery, lifting heavy objects, Brute Force)
    Perception ( Noticing traps, alarms incomming forces, eavesdropping, Safe cracking)
    Endurance (Health, Stamina, bigger armors, and Pain threshold)
    Charisma (General Speaking, Crowd controlling, taking hostages, interactions)
    Intelligence ( Science, logic and general speaking. )
    Agility ( Reflexes, speed, dodge,)
    Luck (General luckiness)


    This RP will not be centered around combat only., combat is however an option and does play a part, but this RP focuses mainly on the Heists, Crowd controll, planning, dialouge techincal aspects and preparations.
    (++ Class) Means that class, has acess to that SPEECH SKILL.

    CALMING: (Med Tech / Corporate Doctor)
    BRIBERY: ( Corporate Boss)
    SMOOTH TALKING: ( Corporate Boss)
    INTIMIDATION: ( Cop / Corporate Security)
    THREATEN: (Solo / Corporate Bodyguard)
    BARTER: ( Fixer / Corporate Intelligence)
    CONVINCING: ( Journalism / Corporate PR)
    CHARM (Panzerboy / corporate Pilot)
    BLUFF: (Techie / Corporate MEchanic)

    Sometimes however, combat will be unavoidable, and for that you need a weapon proficency, something to fend off attackers.

    Weapon Lore.
    Link to a Page containing several different Cyberpunk weapons if you're having trouble deciding.

    Unarmed Close Quarter Combat:
    Melee Weapons:
    Long-Ranged Rifles:
    Assault Rifles:
    Sub Machine Guns:
    Heavy Weaponry:

    Each role has a special ability which gives a character a unique edge.
    In this RP, you will be able to choose a class, which will set your skill and abillities.

    Corporate Boss:

    As one of the corporate stooges at Pegasus Industries you've been taught the methods of the ins and out of the corporate lifestyle, and seen first hand what a lot of money can buy.
    At Pegasus Industries you held a lower ''higher'' position, working as a team leader for a small group in the accounting department.

    SKILL BOOST: ( +2 Charisma and +1 Intelligence)
    SKILL DECREASE: ( -1 Strength, -2 Endurance -1 Perception.)
    SPEECH SKILL: Bribery, Smooth talking.
    CLASS SKILL: Disguise. (As A Corporate Boss, you'll find you can infiltrate some areas without suspicion)

    Abillity: Resources
    (As a supervisor of one of the Accounting groups, you've attended enough meetings and corporate discussions to understand the Corporate lingo.
    with the Resource abillity, you can use smooth talking and bribery)

    Ex-Cop / Corporate Security:

    As an ex-cop you were one of the Maximum lawmen on mean 21st century streets, Trained in Heavy caliber pistols and close combat, After showing great potential you changed your line of work Quitting the force to work Corporate Security for Pegasus Industries.

    SKILL BOOST: ( +1 Endurance and +1 Strength )
    SKILL DECREASE: ( -1 Charisma and -1 Intelligence)
    SPEECH SKILL: Intimidation
    CLASS SKILL: Always get the Pistol Expertise, Brute Force.

    Abiliity: Authority

    (As a former cop you've been taught the ropes of handling interrogations and stressful situations, with the Authority abillity, you will be able to use intimidations effective.)

    Ex-Fixer / Corporate intelligence:

    As a former Fixer and Deal maker working with the Maffias, and Syndicates in the underworld, you've always known how to smuggle goods and how to manage cargo transportations, setting up deals, and manage your contacts, sources and buyers.

    At Pegasus Industries you work as Corporate Intelligence, working to set up contacts and deals, for present and future shipping and transportation needs.

    SKILL BOOST: (+1 Charisma and +1 Agility.)
    SKILL DECREASE: (-2 Strength)
    SPEECH SKILL: Bartering.
    CLASS SKILL: Mapping (A Fixer can get access to maps and layouts of certain places)

    Abillity: Streetdeal

    (as a former Fixer, you always know the price of information, and with the Streetdeal Abillity you will be able to handle bartering )

    Ex-Media / Corporate PR Manager

    As an ex Journalist, you've handled reports and investigating journalism first hand, At Pegasus Industries you were hired as a public relation manager, after all, no one know's better how to handle journalists, than a journalist.

    SKILL BOOST: (+3 Charisma)
    SKILL DECREASE: (-2 Strength, and -1 Endurance)
    SPEECH SKILL: Convincing.
    CLASS SKILL: Famous (People will know you from your journalistic days)

    Abillity: Credibility (As a former journalist, you've made a name for yourself, and people will believe your side of the story much easier with the Credibility abillity)

    Ex-Netrunner / Corporate IT:
    As a former Cybernetic computer hacker, you know the weak spots of firewalls and protections services, how to get past it and how to improve it.

    SKILL BOOST: (+1 Intelligence +1 Agility.)
    SKILL DECREASE: (-1 Charisma, -1 Endurance)
    CLASS SKILL: Hacking, virus uploads.

    Pegasus Industries hired you to work on the corporate IT, managing security of their web and data stores, and setting up additional defenses against hackers, aswell as accessing passwords and history of people that may be harboring grudges against Pegasus Industries.

    Abillity: Interface (As a former Netrunner, you have mastered the binary language, some conversations will be handled easier, but you won't be able to excell at speaking, but as a Netrunner you will be able to get pass certain situation by hacking.)

    Ex-Solo / Corporate Bodyguard:
    (Requires 6 Augmentations/Cybernetic implants)
    ((A solo will suffer from Cyberpsychosis, meaning sometimes your planned actions will backfire or you may be overcome by rage and go feral, but you get a huge bonus in combat and threat level))

    as a former Solo who worked as a mercenary, you got an offer you couldn't refuse from Pegasus Industries.
    At Pegasus you work as a bodyguard for different pilots during their cargo transports.

    SKILL BOOST: (+2 Strength, +1 Endurance, +2 Perception +1 Agility)
    SKILL DECREASE: (-4 Charisma, -4 Intelligence)
    CLASS SKILL: Can Pick 4 Weapon types to be an expert in, Brute Force.

    Combat Sense:
    Even though your mind is clouded by the cyberpsychosis and insanity, you still feel stable enough.. people around you are not too sure about you though...

    You will have a hard time speaking to people in general, but threats will be more succesful in certain situations.

    Techie / Corporate Mechanic:
    As a former techie you worked on all kinds of machinery and contraptions, after being hired by Pegasus industries you have been working as an engineer and repairman of the cargo planes, robots, vehicles and weapons.

    SKILL BOOST: (+1 Strength, +2 Perception.)
    SKILL DECREASE: (-1 Agility, -1 Charisma)
    CLASS SKILL: Repair, Safe and Vault Cracking.

    Abillity: Jury Rig (As a Techie and Mechanic you're experienced with machines and their components, enough so to fix weaponry and robotics, handling these on a corp level means learning to call certain bluffs during certain, insurance questions. and you've managed to learn that skill for yourself, you will be able to bluff.)

    Ex-Med-Tech / Corporate Doctor:
    As a former Med tech Street doctor, you've helped people in the Night city combat zones who were injured in the field of battle, Pegasus hired you as one of the Corporate doctors, sometimes you only write prescriptions for the higher ups who want to get high, othertimes you're forced to do surgery on injured colleagues.

    SKILL BOOST: (+1 Intelligence, +2 Perception)
    SKILL DECREASE: (-3 Endurance, -1 Strength)
    CLASS SKILL: Healing.

    Abillity: Med-Tech
    (As a Med-Tech Doctor, you've been in stressful sitations, and still manage to keep your cool and proceed with your duties as a medic, you will be able to calm people .)

    ex-Panzerboy / Corporate Cargo Pilot.
    As A former Panzerboy you dealt in smuggling and piloting contraband cargo, using your heavily armed panzer plane.

    You were hired as a pilot for Pegasus due to your expertise in manuevering aircrafts, and skills in smuggling.

    SKILL BOOST: (+2 Perception, +1 Strength.)
    SKILL DECREASE: (-3 Endurance -2 Agility.)
    CLASS SKILL: Piloting, Driving.

    Abillity: Smuggler
    Dealing in smuggling and tranportations, you have had several encounters where you've had to charm your way past the tolls, and the occasional lawman, you will be able to charm people)
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    Character Sheet:


    Name: (...A name)
    Age: (... atleast 20 )
    Gender: (M/F)

    Exotica: ("Exotics" is a form of fashion and bodysculpting that creates physical forms that are animal-like in appearance, or is something else that looks entirely inhuman.)
    (Yes/no) (If yes, what animal are you modeled after and how much?)

    Appearance: (Picture or just describe how your character looks)
    Personality: (optional but just some general description would be nice.)

    Sexuality: (optional)
    Spouse: (like.. boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife,
    Living Arrangement: Apartment, Corporate office housing or a Hotel resident.
    Pet: (optional, just thought it'd be fun to add you can pick something like robot dog etc.)

    Likes: (like dogs)
    Dislikes: ( cats)
    Fears: ( Cyberpsychos)

    Class: ( Like Cop / Corporate security)
    Class Skill: None
    Speech Skill: Intimidation.

    (you can use 38 points, atleast 1 in every SPECIAL, and don't forget to ad and subtract the skill boost and skill decrease)
    S: 5 ( +1 Cop ) TOTAL: 6
    P: 6
    E: 5 ( +1 Cop) TOTAL: 6
    C: 5 ( -1 Cop) TOTAL: 4
    I: 5 ( -1 Cop) TOTAL: 4
    A: 5
    L: 5

    Weapon Expertise: (you're allowed to pick 2 weapons to be trained in, like for example Archer and Assault Rifles.)
    ((Solo class is allowed 4 weapons))
    ((Cop Class always get the Pistol Training)

    ((Solo class requiers atleast 6 Augs, and atleast 2 optic eyes))
    ((Cop requires atleast 3 Augs))
    ( reflex augments etc that goes here, but don't overdo it!)
    Depending on the number of augments you'll experience cyber psychosis.
    ( 1-2 Cyber Psycho level = Low )
    ( 3-4 Cyber Psycho level = Medium)
    ( 5 Cyber Psycho level = Medium high)
    ( 6+ Cyber Psycho level = HIGH! )

    CYBEROPTICS: (MAX 3 PER EYE) (also you can choose the colour of the iris etc)

    Infrared: Allows user to see in pitch blackness, using heat emissions for image reception

    Micro/Telescopies: Allows user to see microscopic images or see telescopies equal to a 30X scope.

    Microcamera: 10 exposure minicamera activated by squinting. Film is automatically ejected from iris when last exposure is taken.

    Targeting Scope: This projects a targeting sight into the field of vision at will. The targeting scope will read range to specific objects, speed of movement, bearing and size, as well as providing several types of scope reticule for aligning weapons. When chipped into a "smartgun", the scope will match the targeting sensors of the gun with what you are looking at.

    Anti-dazzle protection: Auto stepdown compensates for harsh sunlight, flares, etc. Never need sunglasses again.

    Low-Lite: Allows user to see clearly in dim light conditions, down to very faint moonlight or distant streetlamps.

    Image Enhancement: High res graphics capability allows user to enhance and refine images viewed.

    Thermograph Sensor: Allows user to see heat patterns of objects, people. Cooler things show up as dark to light blue, hotter things as red or orange, and the hottest of all as yellow or white. Can be used to distinguish a warm body against a wall, in pitch darkness, or presence of cybernetics (which are always cooler than normal body temperatures).

    Dartgun: Two shot dartgun with range of 1 meter, highly accurate. Poison dart will penetrate up to Level 3 armor with a lethal dose.

    Personal Weapons:
    (for example, one pair of 12mm Pistols, a Millitech Assault rifle and an Arasaka Crossbow)

    Personal Items:
    (For example: Old police badge, Pack of cigarattes, red bandana.)

    REASONS FOR BEING FIRED: Being late 18 days in a row.

    Biography: (no need to write a whole novel, but a bit of backstory where you come from and what has happened in your character's life)

    Additional information:

    (( I'll expand further later, but it's 4-40 now and i need to sleep xD)
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  5. yo boi can i make a new class then you decide if its balanced and shtuff?
  6. Sure man, but you need 2 names for it, one corporate and one Ex- work
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    Name: Jack ''Doc'' Wyatt
    Age: 26
    Nationality: Scottish-English.
    Sex: Male
    Exotica: None.

    Appearance: [​IMG]
    ( Blue CyberOptic Eyes, Black hair, Robotic left arm.)
    Height: 185 cm
    Weight: 90kg.

    Personality: Upper Class, Workaholic, very ''corporate'' mannerisms.
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Spouse: None.
    Living Arrangement: Corporate housing.
    Pet: Dog, Named Dex.

    Likes: His dog Dex, Working, Mechanical projects, Leslie in HR, The Company Coffee maker.
    Dislikes: Cats, Michael Pryce in Mechanical Department, tea, Tequila and violence
    Fears: Conflict, becoming a Zero or Nomad, heights.

    Class: Techie
    Class Skill: Repairs, Safe and Vault Cracking
    Speech Skill: Bluff

    (you can use 36 points, atleast 1 in every SPECIAL, and don't forget to ad and subtract the skill boost and skill decrease)
    S: 5 (+1 Techie) Total: 6
    P: 8 (+2 Techie) Total: 10
    E: 3
    C: 3 (-1 Techie) Total: 2
    I: 10
    A: 6 (-1 Techie) Total: 5
    L: 3

    Weapon Expertise: Pistols, Melee Weapons.

    Robotic Left arm, with Gadgets and Tools built in.
    Enchanced Memory Augmentation.
    ( 1-2 Cyber Psycho level = Low )


    Personal Weapons:
    A Pair of .500 Millitech Revolvers
    A retractable Monoblade sword.

    Personal Items:
    Pegasus Industries Digital Watch.

    REASONS FOR BEING FIRED: Installed faulty wiring and software in cargo plane. ( Claims he was sabotaged by Michael Pryce in Mechanic department, but no evidence has pointed to that.)


    Jack was born in London, May 5th, 2036.
    As a kid Jack took an intrest in mechanic work, due to him being around his father a lot, his father owned Wyatt's Chop Shop, a few kilometeres outside London, Jack started helping out in the Chop Shop at age 16 when he dropped out of school, and he spent 3 years as a mechanic.

    After those three years, Jack decided he wanted to work on more vehicles than Cars and bikes, and applied for a job in Night City working for one of the Mega Corps, due to him being a drop out, none of the corps wanted to hire him.

    Realizing that he had to recieve a diploma and certificate he applied for N.C.U Night City University as an Engineering student.
    After a few tests he was accepted and started his studies, however moving to Night City and enrolling in university cost him a lot of money, and he was left broke, with no other way of paying the bils than using his mechanic work, he worked with certain street gangs and syndicates.

    For the Syndicates and street gangs, Jack mainly just did the upkeep of their cars, but sometimes he got the occasional job of searching after trackers, fixing bugs and faulty components, and the syndicates approved of his job, but he was far from being renowned.

    After finishing his studies, Jack applied to work as an engineer for almost any mega corp he could find, but to no avail, he never got any replies or answers.

    close to becoming a Zero and homeless, Jack was desperate and decided to keep working for the syndicates and Street gangs, untill one day a hover car came in, dressed in black and gold,
    it was a Rolls Royal Carm Jack had never seen a car that expensive, hand he cdid his best to repair and make it work again.

    As it turned out that car belonged to one of the Execs at Pegasus Industries, who was impressed by Jack's work decided to offer him a job as a plane mechanic.

    Jack accepted, and was very happy as a Corporate worker, after 2 years he's made friends, assets and once even won employee of the month, life could not get better for Jack at this point.

    But then he got his walking papers.
  8. Questions: when it says cops get pistol expertise, does that mean in addition to my two other weapon proficiencies or does it take up one of those? Also, does it add brute Force (I assume that's unarmed?) or was that a typo cause it wasn't in the example character sheet
  9. Yes you get the Pistol expertise along with 2 picks.
    And Brute force means you can force open certain doors, walls and certain weak spots since you know structual weaknesses and such.
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  10. Ok, thanks. i'm working on my character now
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    Ex-Skiller\Corporate Unmodified Bodyguard:
    Most mercenaries are highly modified, you are not. You depend on your skill and natural talents, as well as external equipment, rather than the Solo's depend on their toys.

    SKILL BOOST: (+2 Agility +1 Charisma)
    SKILL DECREASE: (-1 Strenght -1 Endurance)
    CLASS SKILL: Hidden in Plain Sight (Your robot parts don't stand out in the crowd. Its easy to hide in it), Humane Dexterity (Climbing, moving, sneaking are all quieter, as you don't have any noisy metal parts)
    SPECIAL: No or Very Low amount of Augments.

    Abillity: Relatabilty
    (You know how its to be human more than any uber modified cop or solo. That means you know very very well how to make people symphatize with you.)
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    Is this ok?

    Name: Ronald H. Sutton
    Age: 29
    Gender: Male
    Nationality: Irish-American (i.e. Irish in lineage/ethnicity and American in citizenship and place of birth)


    Appearance: tall with a slim build at 6’3(183cm) and 180lbs(82kg) with green eyes and short black hair
    Personality: quiet, introverted, humble, generally pleasant, and well mannered

    Sexuality: Homosexual
    Spouse: None
    Living Arrangement: Apartment in Old Downtown

    Pet: None

    Likes: Justice, honor, honesty, authority, Pegasus,
    Dislikes: Corruption, crime, chaos, betrayal
    Fears: Cyberpsychos

    Class: Ex-cop / Corporate security
    Class Skill: Pistol Expertise and Brute Force
    Speech Skill: Intimidation.

    (you can use 38 points, atleast 1 in every SPECIAL, and don't forget to add and subtract the skill boost and skill decrease)
    S: 5 ( +1 Cop ) TOTAL: 6
    P: 6
    E: 6 ( +1 Cop) TOTAL: 7
    C: 6( -1 Cop) TOTAL: 5
    I: 5 ( -1 Cop) TOTAL: 4
    A: 7
    L: 3

    Weapon Expertise:
    Long-ranged Rifles, Unarmed Close Quarters Combat, and Pistol Training
    ((Cop Class always get the Pistol Training))

    Reflex augment, strength augment, cybernetic right arm, and a social augment (helps him read people and notice social cues)
    ( 3-4 Cyber Psycho level = Medium)


    In both eyes:

    Thermographic sensor



    Personal Weapons:
    Mustang Arms “Mark II” 11mm pistol, a taser,, and a scoped Barret-Arsaka 20mm rifle
    Personal Items:
    For example: Old police badge and a medal for his work on the police force,

    REASONS FOR BEING FIRED: Heading the security detail that allowed a Pegasus executive to be shot


    Ronald lived out his childhood as the son of a crime syndicate kingpin in NYC. His father, Aralt Sutton, was a cruel, ruthless, and deeply unpleasant man. When he wasn't at 'work’, Aralt was either at the local brothel or taking out his drunken rage on his son.

    Not long after Ronald turned 11, his father was killed in a Police raid. This might have devastated most children had they been in his shoes, but Ronald saw this as a true act of heroism on the part of the police. From that day on, he dreamt of being a cop and helping to bring justice and peace to the city.

    After 7 years bouncing from foster parent to foster parent, Ronald finally turned 18 and went straight to the police academy. After 6 months, he finished the program and became a New York City police officer.

    The job felt far less noble than he had once imagined. He found that his duties entailed protecting corporate interests and harassing the citizenry far more than saving lives and serving justice. Regardless, this was the life he chose, so he wasn't gonna look back. In addition, those feelings it gave him when he actually did save lives and serve justice didn't hurt when it came to keeping him where he was.

    Through his 9 years in the force, Ronald settled his fair share of hostage situations, dispersed plenty of gangs, brought many murderers to justice, and climbed the ladder of the NYPD. Quite often, he would get messages from Magacorps asking him to head a security detail, but he never even considered it. The occasional moments of doing good were the only things keeping him sane in such a corrupt environment.

    That was all before some psycho blasted Ronalds arm with a laser cannon. He survived but ultimately became an amputee. He wasn't poor, but he didn't have nearly enough money to cover the cost of a cybernetic arm. That was when a message came from Pegasus Industries offering the job of head of security at their Night City offices.

    They augmented him, fixed him up, and put the whole place in his hands. He didn't like the job, but he was grateful for what the company did for him and tried to repay them in any way he could.
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  14. It's just a tad OP, no?
  15. We'll see.
  16. You can only choose one Speech skill, otherwise yes that is okay :)
    And if you pick a high enough Agility (over 7) Then yes, your abillity is okay too.
    So far only Corporate Boss has 2 Speech skills, and that's just to balance it.
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  17. Okay, I'll edit it
  18. ( also added a note about your Class Skill. if you have an high enough Agility, its okay, but under 7 then you'll still be heard by regular guard types. )
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  19. @CJTreader2001
    Accepted, except that the CEO of Pegasus can't be dead, but if you could just change it to ''A pegasus Executive'' or something then it's accepted :)
  20. K, edited
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