Cyberpunk 2062.

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  1. Stepping through the archway leading to the kitchen, Kayled's attention turned straight to the only other 3 people in the room, and their's turned to him.
    The first of the three was a guy. In age and skin tone similar to Nake, but different in every other way: his hair was a bright blonde, his eyes blue, his clothes quite a lot less neon than Kayled.
    The second was a woman or "dudette" as she preferred to be called. Long, scarlet red hair, with plenty of pink stripes and a face and clothes that screamed stoner.
    And the last of the three, leaning on the counter, between the two, was a girl. Her hair was blonde, but not as bright as the dude's and it had a few multi-colored stripes hidden in it. And when she saw Nake, she sighed.
    "Kayled." The statement felt cold and empty, but angry and furious at the same time. Kayled never got how she could do that.
    "Emily, we need to talk. Alone."
    She sighed again, then placed a bottle Nake hadn't even noticed earlier on the counter and followed him out.
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  2. ''I'll have the same!'' Jack says as he sits next to Sutton.
  3. The bartender, a middle-aged fat man with dark hair and brown eyes, grabs out two shot glasses. "Whiskey on the rocks for Ronnie and his, uh, friend," he says pouring their drinks
    "This is Jack, my colleague," he says before quickly drinking down the shot and gesturing for another, "gimme it neat this time. Jack, this is Jim. He owns this place. It's been my watering hole ever since I came here for the job."
    There's another man sitting at the end of the bar and a few people at the various tables, but it's relatively quiet.
  4. '' Hiya Jim, as Ron said, I'm Jack'' Jack says taking a mouthful of whiskey.

    ''So, when did you come to NightCity ? '' Jack asks Sutton
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    "Hey, Jack, nice to meet ya," Jim says casually pouring Sutton more whiskey as the man at the other end of the bar gestures for him, "um, excuse me, I've got some customers to attend to."
    "I, uh, I came here two years ago," Sutton begins and takes a long sip of the whiskey, "I was a Police officer over in New York for, uh, nine years when, err, a cyber-psycho went berserk on my patrol. He shot me in the arm, and it ended up being amputated. I had to accept the job offer at Pegasus to get the augs I needed to, um, to make myself whole again. Um, well, how about you?"
  6. Heading through the living room of the apartment and the 5-meter hallway that was connected to it, Kayled and Emily ended up in a study room, which had been re-purposed into a place for sleeping, as it had a few mattresses covered with sheets laying around.
    Kayled, who entered last, locked the door behind him and then looked Emily straight in the eyes:
    "We both know things have been bad, but for some reason we've been keeping it going."
    "Yeah? So you want to break it off?"
    "That's the last thing I want, really... But I got fired from Pegasus and I'm getting in some dangerous shit right now. I felt like I should tell you, give you the chance to react. I figured its easier to break up with an alive boyfriend than let go of a dead one."
    After a moment of silence, Kayled added:
    "That really sounded ego."
    He hadn't managed to keep eye contact with her for the whole sentence. At some point it just broke off. But now, when he looked back at her, she was in tears. After a second of hesitation, he went over there and hugged her.
    "We can try to make it work." Her soft whisper spoke and Kayled couldn't help but smile.
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  7. Jack studies Ron for a while, and looks at his arm, and then to his own arm.

    ''I chose to get this arm, I just thought it was useful... must be horrible to lose it in duty like that.'' Jack says as he signals the partender to refill his drink.

    ''I'm born and raised in London, my father was Scottish and my mother was English, worked in my father's chop shop, fixing cars mostly, but I dreamt of becoming a big and famous executive, but, it was hard, I joined some of the Streetgangs here, and eventually i worked for some of the syndicates, although not directly... I just worked with the cars and stuff, fitted them with weapons or repairing... I helped some Nomad's aswell, their cars are incredible, and they are incredibly loyal to their word... but don't piss off, take my word for it, I'm kinda stressed about our next task because of it.''

    ''So, anyway... As i was working on a Royal Royce, This well dressed mug exits the car after I was done, thanking me for the fine job... and gave me his card, so I eventually got employed to Pegasus, and I had a great time, despite being practically a slave... like all of us, but still I liked it!''

    Jack sighs and looks at his Cybernetic arm
    '' so... got any cool features in yours? one of the Street gangs i was in gave me my first, it had a built in shotgun in the wrist, but I never got around to use it, After working at Pegasus I got a new arm, and i fitted it with some tools to help my trade.'' JAck smiles as he rotates his hand back and forth
  8. "Nah, It's, uh, it's just standard stuff," Ronald says slowly as he studies his metal hand and finishes up the shot. "I try not to think about it, what happened, but it, well it still haunts me to this day..."
    He pauses for a minute
    Jim refills their drinks and pours a drink for the guy at the end of the bar
    "So, uh, you got any other augments?" Sutton asks after downing the shot.
  9. ''Well, cyber optics, which i can switch between Infra-red and Lowlite, or just normal sight. in my left eye.... and Enchanced memory, mainly for remembering schematicsa and such so i can fix vehicles quickly.'' Jack says as he smiles.

    ''You got any more than your arm?''
  10. "Yeah, um, I've got a strength augment," Sutton begins. "A social augment, and a reflex augment. Then, uh, both of my eyes are cyberoptics, and I've got a scope, micro-camera, and Thermographic sensor in both."
    He gestures for Jim, and Jim comes over to them.
    "How are you two doing?" Jim asks with a smile
    "We're fine. I just, uh, need some more drink," Sutton mutters tapping his shot class
    Jim pours Sutton more whiskey and looks to Jack
  11. '' I'm well thanks, and yeah you can refill mine aswell.'' Jack says with a wide smile.

    '' during my days in the syndicates, I once saw a member of the Psychosquad... In duty, Psychosquad members are just as augmented like solos, and the very Cyberpsychos they hunt, but they go through a lot of psychological training and talking to therapists and such... and they manage to stay... themselves... well, almost themselves.''
  12. Jim refills Jack's glass without a word

    Sutton quickly downs the shot and looks to Jack. "I, uh, I've met a couple Psychosquad guys. They were nice enough, but I don't know. Maybe that psychological training isn't enough. What if they just, well, snap one day."
    "Jim, um, another refill, please," he says turning to Jim.
    Jim hesitates as if he's gonna say something, but he just pours Sutton more whiskey
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  13. After the talk Kayled and Emily had a short, but rather deep conversation, before they decided to return to the party.
    Stepping out of the hallway into the living room they were immediately approached:
    "The others already took some, but I was sure that it ain't half as fun without Nake." It was Kal, the same person who first greeted Nake, 3 blue pills in his reached out hand. Kayled knew a lot of people, considered most of them friends aswell, but Kal, he was what Nake called a "main dude". That word meant more than just best friend to the pair.
    Kayled took one pill, Emily the other and Kal downed the last one left. The pill went down easy, as it was quite small. After swallowed, it took a second or two, before the rush kicked in - and oh how it did. First second it felt like life was slowing down and speeding up at the same time. Nake looked at Kal and all the things he could think about was him. He turned his head towards Emily, and his thoughts raced around her. Then the O's really kicked in, and Nake felt like the constant panic, anxiety and confusion that burdened him was gone, all he got was pure and clear emotions.
    The pure emotions weren't purely joy, however. It was in large a sadness, the joy and anger, were on the side and calmness was only something brought up by the effects of the pill. But Kayled felt fine with it. This all was why he was addicted to the drug. It sounds a little edgy, but he didn't care for pure joy, for him happiness lied in getting free from the confusion his emotions brought about everyday and finally understanding what he was thinking and feeling.
    This was why he was addicted. Because the drug didn't make him full of joy, but made him happy, really happy.
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  14. '' there is a possibillity, but they are surrounded with guys who take down cyberpsychos aswell, so if they were to snap, i think the rest of their squad will take him or her out fairly quickly... but we can't be sure can we...'' Jack says as he taps his glass and drinks about half of it.
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    Sutton takes a long sip of whiskey
    "We, er, the one thing we can be sure about is that we can't be sure," he says nervously while scanning the room. "So what do you think of this, our, uh, new line of work"
    He looks to Jim for another refill.
    "Sorry, Ronnie, I think you've had your fill," Jim says hesitantly, "You're not used to this much drink"
    "Jim, uh, I, I can handle it," Sutton says clumsily holding up the shot glass. "The customer's always right, so fill 'er up."
    Jim sighs and refills the shot glass
  16. Jack blinks 3 times quickly and exhales after finishing the second half of his whiskey.
    ''Well... Ron, Y'know the booze hits you like a train when you start walking, because of circulation and such...'' Jack laughs as he taps his glass for a refill.

    ''But I'll join yer for the trip!'' Jack smiles and ruffles his hair.

    ''And about the job, well... I get stressed easily... but I still very much enjoy the payoff, and it's kinda thrilling too.''
  17. Sutton downs the shot and Jim refills both of their glasses with a slight frown
    "It's my, uh, only chance for survival, but I fucking hate it with every fiber of my being," he mutters and drinks down the shot. "It, uh, it brings back bad memories... Fuck it. I just need to get plastered and forget this shit."
    ((So I figured we could timeskip or something))
  18. ''Doable! absolutly doable!'' Jack says in return and downs a new drink

    ((if you wanna timeskip you can write the morning post now if you'd like)
  19. With muscles aching, Ronald wakes up in the morning. He opens his eyes and just stares up at the ceiling. It's clear that he's in his bed and still in those clothes from yesterday. His memory of the night is pretty hazy. As he starts sitting up, a wave of nausea overwhelms him and he pukes all over himself. His just let's out a pitiful grunt before getting up to leave his room. Everything seems mostly as he left it, so he just goes in the bathroom and takes a shower.

    It's 10:30. Now in a suit and tie as he sits in the Living room, he grabs his phone to text Charlie, "Hey, man. Is the job still on?"
  20. Slowly. but not steadily, Kayled's eyes draw open. It took him a moment of confusion, before he realized he was lying on a mattress. Or, well, his lower back and ass was, as his head, upper back and legs were reached far over both edges and Emily was using his stomach as a pillow substitute.
    Funny, at least for Kayled. This reminded him of the first time they met. He woke up in the morning, after a proper trip the night before, and this hot chick was sleeping in a bed next to him. They were both fully clothed, so it had been obvious they just happened to fall asleep in the same bed, but it was reason enough for Kayled to start up a conversation.
    Remembering the bigger events at play, Kayled took his phone, carefully, to not wake Emily up, and checked for messages. There were none at the time, so he put it on the floor next to him and closed his eyes again.
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