Cyberpunk 2062.

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  1. ((Once again, sorry i'm so inactive, but i got so much stuff going on i have a hard time balancing it x( ))

    Jack shrugs in reply and looks at Ron

    ''I'm okay at driving, how bout you?''
  2. ((No worries. I've been extremely inactive aswell :( ))
    "Um, I'm a bit rusty," he says be uneasily as he glances between everyone. "I don't want to be behind the wheel unless it's absolutely necessary."
  3. "Don't look at me, I can't drive. Well I can, but its never been successful in the past." Kayled shrugs.
  4. Jack gets into the driver seat and starts up the car.
    ''I guess i'm driving then''
  5. "Nice." Kayled gets in the back, putting on the armor and getting his equipment "Remember to drop me off beforehand, yea?"
  6. '' I will, but be on your guard, If you get caught by the nomads we need to escape quickly, same goes for us obviously. ''
  7. "If I get caught I'm fucked, dude. Nomads don't mess around." Kayled spit on the street, before closing the back door to the truck "But I'm pretty good at not getting caught."
    He had some desert camo disguise, so it would be hard to differentiate him from the sand. Additionally he got a small spade.
  8. ((Sorry, it wasn't notifying me))
    "Well, uh, let's get this show on the road," Ron says getting in the passenger seat.

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