Doritos Vs Pringles

Discussion in 'X vs Y' started by Fallout God, Aug 6, 2017.


Doritos or Pringles?

  1. Doritos

    8 vote(s)
  2. Pringles

    6 vote(s)
  1. i like both but tbh pringles

    they're the only potato chip i like
  2. Have not had Pringles in years but they were good last time I remember. Nacho cheese Doritos and Cool Ranch aren't bad, but Sweet Chili Doritos are amazing so I have to give it to Doritos
  3. No no no no. Heat Wave for the win.
  4. Fair enough boiii.
    As for flavour Doritos trumps Pringles, but Pringles' variety wins it out for me.
  5. MY GOD!
  6. Yeah, I like Cool Ranch and Sweet Chili, Nacho Cheese is just bleh to me. But I voted for Pringles because of variety and that they don't cheat you out on chips.
  7. See!! This a man that understands.

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