EA kills Visceral! What about Star Wars?

Discussion in 'EA' started by wildhogking, Oct 17, 2017.

  1. EA announced it has just dissolved Visceral, the game studio currently working on a mysterious Star Wars title, as well as Dead Space 4. They have announced the Star Wars projected has been transferred to EA Vancouver. What do you all think about this?

    Personally I don't like this at all, and have much lower expectations for the Star Wars game now.
  2. I'm extremely disappointed. I don't really look forward to many EA games nowadays, but an Uncharted-esque action-adventure title in the Star Wars universe is something I could get behind. I expect it to turn into a shitty loot-box infested multiplayer game. Fuck EA
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  3. Star wars is the most overrated franchise ever
  4. tbh
  5. Sooner or later the EA graveyard will overcome Arlington.
  6. I don't have expectations really. Not a big SW fan but I can't be worried about what'll possibly happen to a game we really haven't seen much of and Viscerals most recent games haven't really been all that great.
  7. I agree my main concern is why EA get rid off Devs and shuts down studios
  8. eh, visceral is an EA studio (Originally named EA Redwood Shores) and the employees were reportedly offered to keep working on the game at the studio the game is being transferred to. I think most of Visceral will be fine.

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