eso character backstory

(me and my friend maliik have a guild called the knights of ayrenn)

Ka'dabbo the Pilgrim
Born in a tribe around Dune, Elsweyr
father was a shaman of the moon and keeper of knowledge
mother was a dancer, artist, and cook
Sometime in 2E, Ka'dabbo left his family to wander the world, as tradition for the tribe, "for the moons wane and wander so should the khajiit" said ka'dabbos father.
Traveling west, following the moon, Ka'dabbo reached the depths of the great bosmeri forests of valenwood
In awe of the beauty of the forest, but desperate to see the moon that guided him but in journey and spirit, ka'dabbo climbed on of these great trees
hearing whispers of laughter and secrecy, ka'dabbo reached the top but he was not alone. Here lie a small band of mer, wearing the skins and skulls of local beasts and monsters
"Welcome, 'Wanderer', to the our kingdom, our home
Our forest grows under the light of magnus, our ancestors feed our soil with the energies, so i ask you, what is it that brings you to our home"
"Ka'dabbo is a follower of the moon, but I am no priest
I am merely a seeking of truths in a sea of mystery. I am folowing the moons, to where they take me, in this see, but lost sight of the moons have i, so climb your tree i did"
ka'dabbo spent much time with the elves, learned of their history, their culture, and their pact with the green.
But like the moons, ka'dabbo could not stay still so it was his time to leave, but he did not leave alone, for he left with a friend."Maliik"
they traveled for many moons
but one night, on a small foot path not many but the bosmer knew, they met a woman. She smelled of distant lands, and sung in many tongues under the stars
"hello friends, would you like to sit under the stars to me?"
and sat they did
they told her of their journeys, origins, and their dreams for the future. she told them of many tales in many lands but told not she did of her home. be it fear or embarrassment, or perhaps it did not matter. she kept this to herself. Wishing nothing more than to enjoy the journey, she followed our heros east to the elden root. Their ka'dabbo and maliik wished to meet with the local priests, shamans, and historians to learn more of the trees spirits and how their pieces fit into the unknowable puzzle that is the truth they seek
Upon reaching the elden root, in the year 2e 580, their friend ws hit with a wave of grief an anxiety. she had felt a great loss, the loss of someone close.
"i have to go, will you follow me?"
"Where is it youve got to go aya?", maliik asked
"home?", they asked in unison
"theres a lot i havet told you, but learn you will if you help me back to summerset."
"What brings you there?"
"The king is dead. I must return to my family"
"Are you in service to the royal family?"
I, uhh, am the royal family"
baffled by the truth but with great respect, they took to their knees
"guys, you need not do this. i am merely just a girl, looking for friends for my travels, and thats what you have become, but i must return home, and i wish you to come with me. i left at the age of eight and when i return, i will be a foreigner there just as yourself. you are wise and strong of loyal, the bond betwee nyou is stronger than that of the strongest nordic steel and brighter than the my oldest ancestors. I wish only to share in that bond, follow me. to my home, to my kingdom."
They agreed to help me home and they sailed from valenwood to summerset where she crowned queen
it was the end of ka'dabbo journey for a time and he stayed in summerset for nearly three years
ka'dabbo spent his time with many priests, learning of xaxres and magunus and auri'el, thistory,the dawn of merethic eras
and tales of the elder scrolls
but the day came, when Aya, who had been reveled and named as Queen Ayreen, came looking for her old friends with an offer
So Ka'dabbo and Maliik, after receiving a summons, return to the capital to meet with their old friend.
She spoke of an oncoming war, the loss of an emperor, and the coming of the daedric prince of domination. She told them how their three lands and perhaps all of nirn was in trouble,
They knew that they must join her but they knew not their role
"We are not advisor, nor true warriors, we are just seekers of truth and knowledge. What would you have us do?" they asked
"Seek truth, defend it. Protect the sacred life and the space in which it inhabits.The great spirits will give us strength, the moons will guide is, and together the green will grow. Become my Knights"
They became her knights and they bore a crest of the lands of which they met, a symbol of their duty and bond, a symbol to remind they of what thye protect, a symbol to show them their grown, their roots, and their seeds"