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  1. I loved the exploration and the actual mechanics (guns felt better in this than any other FO), and the audio was as perfect as a video game could be (at least until Breath of the Wild).

    But yeah, that lack of real RP, or any vested interest in 99% of the characters, did not help it in comparison to the older FOs.
  2. It's better than past Fallouts obviously, but it is still mediocre compared to many games unfortunately. It's fun, but it still doesn't stack up in gameplay unfortunately.
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  3. Oh yeah definitely, I come back to it for just the feeling of roaming around the world and exploring, especially with the gameplay being so much smoother than the older ones.
  4. Honestly, anymore I just load it up with texture overhauls and the Sim Settlement mods, and just play at rebuilding the wasteland. Fuck the story.
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  5. I have some overhauls on mine as well even with my mediocre build, Spring in the Commonwealth, Springtime Trees and the ENB/Texture overhaul Fallout 4 Resurrection along with Vivid Weathers.
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  6. Nice....I have like 50-some texture mods alone, and like 275 or so gameplay mods.
  7. My god. That is insane. What ENB if any are you running? Or are you running a ReShade? Or both?
  8. Neither. I just use FO4 Enhanced Color Correction. Less impactful than an ENB, but still gorgeous.
  9. I concur, that is part of why i think some people were so disapointed. There were aspects of the game that were amazing and exactly the improvements we would have wanted... Then there where these Massive steps back that just seemed ridiculous.
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  10. *Cough cough* four option voiced dialogue, half the DLCs being for something "optional", lacking the aspect of being an RPG at all, go here shoot this side quests, and the whole entire fucking story just to name a few *cough cough*
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  11. No reason to Cough Cough lol, thats basically what I was saying. I think we all agree those Steps backwards are what negatively impacted our enjoyment of the game.
  12. I know, I was just trying to imply to say how much I could say went wrong on a single breath.
  13. This explains fully how I feel about Fallout 4
  14. They shouldve called skyrim special edition just remastered instead and called this the s.p.e.c.I.a.l edition tbh

    But it did actually win the "official GOTY" at the dice awards and bafta, dorito popes game awards show which has only been around a couple years is not the official GOTY lol
  15. yeah, but the VGA's are the kicker, otherwise a lot of games could sport the goty on their games.

    And yes SPECIAL would be better makes much more sense if you ask me ^^
  16. It won a BAFTA and DICE award. GOTY Editions are mostly just marketing at this point. Not too bad though, this gives people who haven't gotten Fallout 4 a chance to get it with all the DLC for only $60 instead of the Base price of 4 + the $50 Season Pass and an extra $40 to get the pip boy collectibles if you didnt when it released.
  17. yeah but the kicker as i've always heard is the VGA's that are sorta the oscars of Video games. so i think it's a shame you can brand a game GoTY even if it didn't win a certain award.

    I just don't get it why they couldn't call it SPECIAL edition.

    The deal is fine i guess if you like fallout 4 or want it, i'm not a fan meself but, i don't get why Arkham Knight uses GoTY and i don't get why F4 uses GoTY either.
  18. Calling it the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Edition would be cool, but I assume maybe they want to have GOTY because it's more recognizable in a sense. People who don't play Fallout might not get the reference it makes by calling it the Special edition whereas with GOTY they might see it differently. That's just what I think though, I don't work at Bethesda (Unfortunately. lol)

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