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Fallout Wars - Chapter 1 War Never Changes


Fallout God

Fallout God of Assassin's Effect

The whirring of tapes rolling and a static noise signals its start.​

"My name is..." The thunderous earth shattering sound of Artillery firing drowns out whatever he was about to say next.

"...And I'm in the 44th Marine Armoured Division, first company."

He takes a deep melancholy breath before continuing.

"It was a cold, winter day in Anchorage as always when they attacked.... They ambushed us in the middle of the night...
The Red Chinese..."

His right hand clenches at their mention as he recalls the traumatic experience.

"They were... they stormed the base with Chimera Tanks after those damn Dragoons killed the sentries... They were armed to the teeth with Flamethrowers and the new Chinese prototype Assault Rifles."

His mouth grimaced slightly, as if reliving the moment.

"Our men didn't stand a chance, most of them were dead in seconds. Blown to smithereens by the Chimera Tanks and ripped apart by a hail of Communist bullets..."

"The rest of the survivors who hid in a bunker were torched alive by their Flamers... I was the sole survivor. And in a final effort to remain the survivor I cut the throat of a Dragoon, took his Stealth Armour and Shock Sword and put my plan into action."

"I snuck around the base full of my dead friends for what seemed like hours, pulling Chinese soldiers into the darkness and slaughtering them like the animals they were. This wasn't about surviving anymore. I killed the Chimera operators and Dragoon first, eliminating the biggest threats. Eventually they caught on and grouped together in an effort to prevent any further missing men; little did they now that was exactly how I wanted them."

"I then enacted the second part of my plan. I entered the Power Armour tent, strapped into an Anchorage T-51 Power Armour suit and checked the Minigun by its side. Fully loaded."

"It was time."

"I marched out of that tent and open fired, mowing down dozens in seconds, just like they had my brethren.
Hordes of them charged at me. I thought I was dead, and decided it was better to go down fighting than flee like a coward. Yet I kept mowing. Mowing until all the Commie bastards were no more, but visceral and flesh."

"Just when I thought I had killed them all, a squad of Chinese troopers with Missile Launchers and Miniguns encroached on my position."

"I sprinted to cover as fast as I could in Power Armour, they began firing at my position. A whirlpool of death creeping closer and closer towards me. I was pinned down..."

"I took out my Frag Grenade, pulled out the pin and gripped the safety lever tight. If I was gonna go down, I was at least gonna take those red devils with me."

"I was ready to die when in an instant the world seemed to stop as an explosion rocked the base, they were gone, blown into a million pieces."

"To this day I do not know where the explosion came from, but oh thank God it did."

"I put the pin back into the Grenade and lumbered from cover into the closest trench, but there was a Mr. Gutsy unit still active. At first I thought him an ally, but his frenzied state forced me to pull the pin back out of the grenade and drop it before running."

"After I was sure he was destroyed I picked up a radio and tried contacting HQ, there was no response."

"My attention was then drawn to the cliff top in the distance, the base was under heavy enemy fire."

"Knowing I had to do something I rushed through the base and towards HQ, I encountered a few Commies along the way but nothing I couldn't handle in Power Armour."

"I was almost there."

"A Chimera Tank blocked my path, I either had to go through or falter and give up. There was no choice at all."

"It fired a shot close enough to render my Power Armour useless and more of a hindrance than an advantage."

"I managed to escape the armour seconds before the second shot utterly destroyed it. It was now just me against a Chimera Tank, and no goddamn Power Armour. I almost laughed."

He explained with another tight smile.

"I sprinted up to it as it prepared to fire a third time, jumped up onto it and planted my last grenade onto its canon and dove off before the explosion."

"Afterwards I continued my journey."

"I was a close now."

"But not close enough, I decided to make a detour to an Army outpost where I commandeered a truck and drove full steam ahead straight to HQ. Running down a few Commies along the way too."

When I finally arrived at the base bodies littered the ground, like a grotesque piece of art. All the soldiers were pinned down, unable to even twitch without having their heads blown off. I needed to act and I needed to act fast."

"I stomped my foot down on the acceleration, shooting towards the Commies who had their backs to me. Just as I neared them I kicked the door open and lurched out of the speeding vehicle."

"Before they even had a chance to react the vehicle slammed into them, disrupting their organised assault on the base."

"It didn't take long for my comrades to regain their composure and begin a counterattack."

"When that happened it was the most beautiful thing I ever saw, the Commies didn't stand a chance. Most of them still dazed were dead or injured in a matter of seconds. The battle was for the most part over."

"The men who were left cheered and gave me their thanks and appreciation."

"The victory was short lived however..."

"All hell broke loose as an explosion engulfed the entire company of survivors in front of me, leaving nothing but charred ash and bones."

"At that moment I lost all sense of rationality."

"I let out a scream so violent that my lungs still hurt today"

He detailed with another slightly amused tight smile.

"I must have screamed for minutes because afterwards my throat was coarse and rough as if I'd just eating a bowl of sand."

"A sergeant that had survived the massacre shook me by my shoulders and shouted me back to reality, roaring at me to get myself back together."

"After I managed to calm down he told me we had to get to a base with a working radio to report what had happened, and that General Chase had been captured."

"I nodded in agreement and we embarked on our mission after we stocked up on supplies."

"Will we find success in our mission?"

"Who knows."

"But I do know one thing: War... War Never Changes..."


((So I designed the story in a way of making his narrating the story while also performing actions in the real world make sense. It's essentially him recording his story into a Holotape after each event occurs.))
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