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    Set in Montana, Far Cry 5 pits your character - One you now have the power to customize - against a militaristic Doomsday Cult. Quite the premise.


  2. It looks like it could be fun, but I don't know, I haven't played any Far Cry yet, but I did buy Far Cry 2 and plan to play it
  3. I think it really looks interesting to me. I only played Far Cry 4 and it was okay, but got repetitive after a while and I couldn't finish the story. But my biggest problem was the setting. And I think this setting is perfect for me. I have seen that Far Cry's strongsuit is usually their antagonists, and this cult seems really cool... I know it isn't likely at all but I really hope there's an option to join them tbh...
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  4. I like that in the beginning of 4 you can choose to not leave. It sucks though because they should have made a huge zombie expansion, that map would have been perfect for it.
  5. That's one of the coolest things about that game. There's literally a player reward for doing what the villain says (Which is learning the plot twist of the entire game in the first 15 minutes)
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  6. I've enjoyed the Far Cry series since 2 (with the exception of the prehistoric one); they're just plain fun games. I'm looking forward to FC5 for a number of reasons, not the least of which that they're hitting on some truly explosive political issues. Plus, you get a doggo in the game, and we know that's an instant win for me.
  7. Never played a Far Cry game before, I would like to and this one looks pretty good.
  8. If you enjoy open-world games and/or fun FPS, this is a great series for you. The stories always fall just a little flat, but they're solid enough, and the controls are just about perfect.
  9. Far Cry 1 isn't really worth playing since it was effectively a Cry-Engine tech demo
    Far Cry 2 was pretty fun for me, though 3 was my all time favorite because of the amount of stuff you can do.
    Blood Dragon is just... fucking awesome, considering the price it came out for. Far Cry 4 was... good.

    Primal is Skyrim with guns without guns. Don't play it.
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  10. If far cry 5 doesn't have the best story in the series I'll eat my shoe
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  11. Hey, there are kids in Africa who needs your shoe, they are starving
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  12. I absolutely loved Far Cry 2, 3, and 4. It gets repetitive after you finish the main story, and in regards to Far Cry 4, it gets hard to replay the game after so many times.

    Nonetheless I'm very excited for FC5 and it's one of my most anticipated upcoming games tbh
  13. Far Cry 2, 3 and 4 are games that I have blasted through and never returned to. Open world FPS/TPS with territory control seems to be Ubisoft's go to genre now and it's getting a little stale in my opinion.

    I'll see how it fares in the reviews, but I'll likely wait for a couple of years for a sale or price drop.
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  14. same tbh

    btw welcome to the site :iseeyou:
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  15. I've only played 3, but yea. I beat it pretty quickly (Because it was pretty good!) but I didn't have a desire to go back to it. Seems like they are very "One and Done" type games.
  16. Indeed they are.
  17. Excited but also a bit wary. The whole silent protagonist is different and could get annoying. I just hope it has a good campaign with side activities that are a bit more varied.

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