Favorite Indie Games?

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  1. It is nice to get away from the trends of AAA games every once in a while (microtransactions, open worlds, etc) and play some indie games with unique stories and gameplay What are some of your favorite independent titles and why?
  2. I liked firewatch, great art direction and thought provoking writing
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  3. I thought hotline Miami was a fantastic game. It was a great of hectic action with an amazing soundtrack and a deep message about society. It's also constantly replayable for me. I've beaten it about 5 times now.
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    My favorites are Night in the Woods and Oxenfree. I just loved the characters and the story of Night in the Woods. There was just something very endearing about it all. Oxenfree was very suspenseful and intriguing.
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  5. Oxenfree was great, I definitely need to replay it to understand it more. My favorite indie game is the Banner Saga because of the characters and amazing art style. I also love Bastion and Transistor because they tell their stories in such unique ways. Have not got around to Pyre though I plan on playing it in the future though.
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  6. Firewatch was really good and interesting. Wish it was longer tho :mjcry:
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  7. The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth for sure. Addictive and challenging gameplay. It is loads of fun to see all the powerful (or terrible) synergies between the numerous items you can pick up throughout your play-throughs. Simple on the outside, but with surprisingly deep themes of religion, mental disorders, and child abuse. Plus, it has a pretty nice soundtrack. :)
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  8. Binding of Isaac is so hard I have not gone past the caves yet lol, but its still a great game
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  9. Sunndered?> Fasssster THHHHHhan Light FTL...... i dunnoio. RISJK OF RAIN1?!!?!? probably obne ofo thsoe t hree

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