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Discussion in 'Ubisoft' started by Eddie, Jul 31, 2017.

  1. For Honor is a hack and slash fighting game developed and published by Ubisoft for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Here we will discuss all things For Honor.
  2. For Honor will be free starting August 10 during a free weekend event on PS4
  3. So I've wanted to play it but it would be irrelevant because it is mainly multiplayer if I'm not mistaken, which I may be because I don't really follow that game. Pip played the beta for it I think and he told me that it was pretty good. The thing I find the coolest about it would be the mechanics of how the game works like how you have to swipe your mouse to control the sword.
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  4. From everything I learned about the game, the best part, and probably the only part worth it, is the 1v1 mode. Theirs just a high skill curve to get past.
  5. I played the beta only, as I don't see the point of buying a game just for the one mode I'll play. I didn't enjoy whatever the "conquest"-esque mode was. Only the 1v1s that really test your skills as a player. It was pretty fun, but only that part, for me
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  6. That's why I won't get it
  7. I loved the beta but the game felt like a flop after release. If anything it became more frustrating than fun because of all the cheap deaths you'd get. These include being kicked off the map, environmental hazards, one shot by an ability and even being spammed by certain move sets. It got really frustrating and I just had to put the game down. And I don't even need to get into the ridiculous amount of currency you needed to buy items in the game. Ubisoft was pretty much trying to force you to spend money on the currency in game because the prices were off the charts.

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