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Do you like the idea of this roleplay? If not then tell me what you'd like to do.

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  1. Hey guys, I've noticed the site has pretty much died. But I want to try for a roleplay, one last time. If this doesn't work out, then shit. If you're still active on the site, I encourage you to participate, so it's not completely dead. Anyways, let's start.
    (Apologies in advance if the writing is a bit crude, haven't stretched these muscles in a while.)

    On October 9, the world was the same. Every went about their day as normal, safe and sound.

    On October 10, in one day, the world was set ablaze. Everything was changed in an instant.

    No one knew what happened, no one knows now. All they know, is that the horizon turned green, and people went crazy.
    It was believed to be some type of neurotoxin, it infected people at random, and changed them in different ways.

    First, there were the crazies. It gave them an insatiable bloodlust and an uncontrollable urge to destroy. They would rape, murder and burn everyone in their sight. Except for each other, they would stick together in packs, working together to cause as much pain as they can.

    Second, their were the spooks. All sorts of people, even the healthiest of the mind, broke down and developed Schizophrenic Paranoia. They would hide away from others and society, and this made them easy prey for the crazies.

    Third, were the immunes. Those who weren't affected by the green horizon. They had to sit and watch as their family and friends killed each other. Most tried to evacuate via the military, but the Army had already caved in on itself. Most survivors are Nomads, scavenging and surviving as they can.

    Within the first day, mass riots and massacres broke out through the world.
    Within the second day, most military strength was obliterated.
    Within the third, all Superpowers and strong governments had collapsed.
    Within the fourth, all power had shut off, and darkness consumed the world.
    After the fifth, the world as everyone knew was gone.

    Most immunes only made up 1/3 of the previous population, only 2 billion of 7.
    Despite their small number, the survivors banded together to form settlements and try to rebuild civilizations. Their experiences make up several stories and legends in the Ruins of North America. Ours takes place in Connecticut.


    The Remnants of the Military gathered up in the Northeastern part of the state, built up a wall, and declared it a Quarantine Zone. No one gets in, no one gets out. Not until they figure out what has happened.

    The Nomadic Zones are mostly safe, and made up of settlements created by survivors who were too late to enter the Quarantine Zone. There are many trading routes and small towns turned villages.

    The Wilderness Territories are filled with overgrown ruins. There's no telling what you'll find when exploring the territories. It's mostly ignored by survivors who like to mind their own business. But to merchants and scavengers, it's a gold mine of supplies. However, their are a good number of crazies hiding there, some of the survivors who venture too far out into the wilderness don't come back.

    The Ashlands are infavorable to most. After the wall of the Quarantine Zone was built, the Military Remnants were informed of large armies of crazies gathering in these areas. Instead of leading a suicidal assault, they bombed and shelled the western areas into a desert of ash. Very little remains, but bastions of crazies still inhabit the area. Everyone who ventures out too far does not come back.

    Our adventure takes place two years after The Event.

    Character Creation:

    (Either melee or guns, if guns try to be specific and use some real ones. Gun nuts, go wild.)


    I'll keep on eye on this thread and make the actual RP thread in a bit.
  2. Name: Mark Brian Samuels
    Age: 26
    Sex: Male
    Appearance: 6'0, lanky, coarse skin. Short brown hair
    Clothing: Green thermal jacket, hiking boots, and hiking pants. He wears a pair of cracked glasses and a shattered watch that still ticks
    Skills: Very perceptive, Good at stealth
    Traits: Can see very well with glasses, but virtually blind without them. Not a very good people person, but knows how to talk his way out of situations.
    Weapons: M27 with wrapped handguard, no attachments.
    Equipment: A rechargeable flashlight, compass
    Bio: Before The Event, Mark was a college dropout who had recently moved back home, trying to get his shit together. But after it happened, he had to slowly watch his family and friends get picked off one by one as he tried to survive. Eventually, he learned the art of the trade and spent his time scavenging out in the Wilderness Territories.
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    Name: Wale West
    Age: 27
    Sex: Male
    Appearance: Short brown hair, matching mutton chops, which aren't too thick, strong jawline, about 1.7m long, average weight, strong, but not toned body build.
    Clothing: Wale wears a old-school great coat, usually open from the front, with a police uniform underneath. He also usually dons two belts, one which goes around his body and holds his rifle and the other which is around his waist. That one has plenty of small bags and holsters, one of which he uses for his gun. On his head he wears a classic sheriff-cowboy hat and
    Skills: Excellent marksmanship, basic close-combat training.
    Traits: Strong, tactical thinker, brutal to a certain extent.
    Weapons: An old-school rifle and a police-grade pistol (na im not giving you specifics looking for those would take longer than this rp is going to be alive)
    Equipment: Lighter, badge.
    Bio: Wale was born and raised in Western Connecticut. He had troubles making friends, growing up, as he was very bossy and controlling as a kid. In his teenages years, this made him quite depressed and he tried to change, but this didn't work out well. After his family moved out east, to what is now known as the Nomadic Area, Wale got a new chance and built up strong ties with the community in his new hometown. He became an activist, a representative of the youth and all sorts of interesting things.

    After High School, which he passed with average grades, but much love for his activism, he joined the police force and became one of the most prominent defenders of the townspeople, continuing his work to better the community.

    Then The Event came. Wale didn't lose a lot of his family into it, mainly because he didn't have much left of it. But as a shining pillar of the community, he lost a lot of friends. He knew pretty much everyone in town and with most of the town dead, he was really hurt, but pulled through, seeing duty as more important than emotion. Because he was the only officer who was immune, it was up to him to help rebuild order. When people started moving towards the quarantine, he stayed behind to help the new influx of migrants and was even voted to be the leader of the town, before declining the offer.

    A year after The Event the community was working together like a well oiled machine and Wale realized he was no longer needed there. He packed the few possessions he held dear, took his pistol from the force and his granpa's old rifle and headed out East, to help rebuild society there.
  4. Seems solid, go ahead:
  5. lmao idk what to write wait imma thunk
  6. lol my post heckin sucks
  7. @Cavemanman hey do u want to be gm-ing this 100% or can I write situations like that out myself? Taking in account the limits of a single post, of course.
  8. GMing all the time sounds stressful, you can write your own situations.
  9. @Cavemanman
    What are ration tickets? Where can they be used? Doesn't make a lotta sense to me.
    Another thing that doesn't make sense is dollars being in usage. Dollars currently exist on the idea that people trust in dollars being worth something, but in an apocalypse many people would prolly stop trusting in dollars, throwing them out from the list of in-use currency.
  10. I'll be joining soon after I have some time to flesh out my character. Is it ok if my character is a spook? Do spooks have any defining characteristics other than schizophrenia and paranoia?
  11. Well then what do you want me to use as currency? And ration tickers are cards you use to receive free meals from the US strongholds, remember the Government isn't completely dead.
  12. Yeah, that'd be fine. And not really, so flesh out as you please.
  13. Barter currency, valuables (gold, silver etc), ammunition are all good simple options.
    Ration tickets also work, if there are places that accept them, but this wasn't mentioned before so I was confused.
  14. Yeah I probably should’ve elaborated more in the introduction. Ammo should work.
  15. Hey, won't be very active this weekend, busy n shizzl.
  16. That actually works perfectly since I need to catch up on school

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