guul's flippin amazeballs pixel art

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    pixel art is ez as heck and requires no skill or talent. Trust me, I know, because i have no skill or talent

    end - Copy.png

    pööv - Copy.png


  2. Still looks like you have skill, m8. Those are some nice pixels. 10/10 (Not even a joke this time)
  3. pixel art requires no skill, just a little bit of time.
  4. lol 5 and a half minutes of clicking in mspaint while i'm watching a video about Jacksfilms dabbing doesn't require a lot of patience.
  5. wtf why does it turn the dab into that smilie wtf
  6. I dunno i wrote D.A.B.B.L.I.N.G before, and that smiely popped up, it's quite annoying
  7. yeah ikr
  8. Hmm, got to say these look cool in a way.
    But what the fuck is the last image? It looks like the Earth's core and mantle have been squashed together, exposed to space via the crust and sky being destroyed while the other end of the planet is perfectly fine. XD
  9. I dunno, that shit looks pretty legit, mate. I'm calling bluff.
  10. day on one side night on the other, hence the name pööv
    päev is estonian for day, öö is estonian for night.
    it may look cool but it doesn't require skill. also looks cool imo, but its ez as fuk to make.
    I'm not saying I don't have any skills, I'm just saying pixel art requires almost no skill at all.
  11. Found some more shtuff i have made in the past that was kind of OK.

    What are you doing on the computer go outside its beautifulksdljflkasjdfads
    What are you doing on the computer go outside its beautifulkjdahdkashkjdas - Copy.png

    And some art I made for a rp (that died before it even started)
    4 Years Later (100x40).png
  12. I remember, the post apocalyptic one in Europe.
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  13. yeah you also abandoned it faster than an chav abandoned his pregnant girlfriend.
  14. stRanger
    stRanger - Copy.png
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  15. Yass this is quite good
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  16. 11/10 more beautiful than the Mona Lisa
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  17. no u
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