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  1. When i was 18-19ish i moved out of my moms house to finish school because she was on meth and a bunch of other stuff
    I lived at a friends for almost 2 years. I graduated high school early.
    I came back and lived at my moms for about 2 years to become her caretaker because she got cancer, for the second time

    a couple days ago, i had to leave her again because of alcohol, drugs, and other bad choices in her life. She got a DUI, got in a bar fight, ended up on probation but still continues to drink and make stupid decision, be abusive
    After getting into an arguement, i went home and found most of my belongings destroyed so i decied it was time to leave and that i was never going to get her to change. My sister couldnt, my grandmother couldnt, why did i think i could be any different
    So now here i am, couch hopping and trying to figure out life. Had to give up my job as her caretaker because of all of the drama and nonsense but i am glad to be on Sb, where I can relax with my pals and just have a good time - without the outside world ruining it
    So im very thankful for you guys and the site
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  2. top 10 saddest anime endings with positive twists.
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  3. :(

    I believe in u
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  4. fixed a few things with the fam, got my first timesheet sent in and should have my first check within 10 days
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