Early How to establish a connection for the BETA chat app.

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  1. I'm currently thinking out implementation of this API system, but I would rather not bake too much into Xenforo because Xenforo 2.0 should be coming out within the following months.

    That being said I'm moving forward with implementing a Xenforo API service for SugarBombed (which anyone can use).

    If this gets abused, I'll move forward with putting blocks on what you can do with this service. I'd also recommend that people don't spend a significant amount of time utilizing any of these services long terms because as soon as Xenforo 2 comes out, I'll be moving forward on creating a custom integration.

    Establishing API Authorization
    Establishing an API client is extremely straightforward.

    1. Go to your Account Page and navigate to API Access on the very bottom of the left-hand bar.
      • upload_2017-9-12_22-28-13.png
    2. Click on the Add New Client button on the top right corner of the subsequent page.
      • upload_2017-9-12_22-29-43.png

    After this is all done, you'll want to create a client.


    The Client Name and description can be anything. Preferably, label any Client with whatever it's being used for that way any abusive applications can be removed and taken care of. Abuse will result in termination of credentials, which will revoke chat access via third party tools.

    After creating your client successfully, you'll be greeted with your credentials. This is what the application will ask for during the BETA stages.


    • API Key
      • This is a unique key, think of this as a username.
    • API Secret
      • This is another unique key, think of this as a password.
    You'll want to keep these secure, because anyone with these values can modify your account and post on your behalf.


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