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How will you play Fallout 76?

Fallout 4 is a good game. Far Harbor also may be the last great Bethesda RPG experience we get for a long time :mjcry:
Fallout 4 isn't a good game; it is EXTREMELY flawed. That doesn't take away from any form of enjoyment you could take during a play session, hell I re-purchased a copy of 4 when I transitioned away from Xbox and into the PC community.

Fallout 4 - and subsequently it's DLCs - are shitty for exactly two reasons; the stripping of RPG elements, (Fallout 4's progression system was so alienated from the rest of the series that I'm genuinely confused as to how it can be considered a great bethesda RPG experience) and the second reason is the move from innovating gameplay - outside of the gunplay at least, that was solid - to innovating how cinematic the experience has to be. I've gone into this before so I'll keep it short; Bethesda over fucking animated the living hell out of Fallout 4. Every animation now has to play out fully in first and third person, with the animations spanning from one to several seconds. Fallout 4 simplified the dialogue tree to have less lines in the hopes to get the ones they'd leave remaining to have more of an emotional, "cinematic" edge. Clearly in the end this isn't what people wanted.

Bethesda's last enjoyable RPG in my eyes is Fallout 3. I doubt we'll ever get something from them to rival that passion project.


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Fallout is a good game... but not a good RPG or fallout game. Linear story with choices that feel like it doesn’t matter. Far Harbour was the exception.
It wasn’t a great RPG I agree with that, but narrative/tonally speaking, I think it is still a good Fallout game. There’s some small lore inconsistencies but whatever, at least they directly referenced Fallout 2 which was cool. Also the companions (mainly Nick) and villains (kellogg/maxson/father) are some of the best in the series. Also they returned the BoS to their selfish/tech focused roots which was good.


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I mean, except for the fact that people notice your good deeds or evils in FO3. It felt like what you did had some form of impact to others in the world. FO4, I saw none of that.
I don't think you're quite understanding my point. In Fallout 3's main story, you have the exact same progression of events every time you play through it. There are a couple of choices which could've been cool, but they were very lazily implemented. It's as if they wrote it like Uncharted and later shoehorned in some meaningless choices for the hell of it.

Fallout 4 isn't like that. A BoS playthrough would have the latter half of the game be completely different than an Institute playthrough. I have many issues with Fallout 4. It's very much a sub-par RPG, for one. However, in many ways, particularly in non-linearity, Fallout 4 was a marked improvement over Fallout 3.