How would you rate 2017 as it relates to games?

Discussion in 'Misc. Gaming' started by CJTreader2001, Dec 4, 2017.

  1. Over the past year, I've heard a lot of different opinions from 2017 bring the best year ever for games to 2017 being a boring off-year. Looking back, how would you rate 2017 as it relates to games? How does it compare to other years?
  2. it ok.

    we got some good titles, some average/disappointing games.
    haven't played any 2017 games myself, so idk.

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  3. I haven't played pyro update as I have been to busy with siege which is now my favourite game cos it has pew pews. To answer the question I don't really care about new games I pick the games I like and focus on them and their communities don't really care for every single new release.
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