How would you rate some of the more controversial publishers and developers?

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    Over the years, several companies have attracted controversy due to their treatment of consumers, their treatment of employees, and/or the quality of their products. Some that come to mind include EA, Bethesda, Rockstar, Ubisoft, CD Projekt Red, and Activision. Overall, how would you rate these companies from best to worst and why?
  2. EA: 7.5/10, Quite frankly I don't think they've been that bad in recent years. I think there's also been a big overreaction to them shutting down Visceral who haven't really done much in terms of games recently, plus they were originally an EA Studio (EA Redwood Shores) and employees were offered to transfer to the new studio working on the Star Wars games.

    Bethesda: 8/10, Again, I think Bethesda is fine. The only real negative I can think of recently is Creation Club and I think people are overreacting there.

    Rockstar: 6/10, eh they haven't done much recently. Most of my problems with them are more because of Take-Two

    Ubisoft: ?, can't say much as I don't pay a lot of attention to Ubisoft.

    CD Projekt Red: ?, Never done anything involving their stuff. Although the news that they allegedly overwork people doesn't make them sound too great.

    Activision: 2/10, I shouldn't need to explain this one
  3. Bethesda: 7/10
    They ain't a bad studio by any means and they tend to do less of the shitty tricks other studios do. Still plenty of room for improvement, and their games tend to always just feel like above average if rated by gameplay/design.

    Ubisoft: 3/10
    I heard they pull some wack-ass shizzle. Also tend to be low on innovation. But when they make a good game, they make a damn good game.

    No you really should.
  5. Ubisoft have honestly improved in my opinion. In recent years they have made decent games most notably watch dogs 2(which I haven't played but hear is good), rainbow six siege(my favourite fps) and I don't know if origins is good haven't played assassins creed.

    I agree Bethesda pull a ton of shit but it isn't that bad they could charge you for your bottle caps and septims
  6. i mean Ubisoft games are like 50/50 either below average (which is unacceptable for a AAA studio) or amazing, but they pull some wack butt shizzle to their employees and shizzle.
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