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  1. Alright guys, it's been a few months since Sugarbombed resurrected, and I don't think it was a success. I remember how the old Sugarbombed blew up, hundreds of people pouring in, posting, discussing, getting to know each other. I loved it, it was a great community. Of course it had it's problems, but hey, we pushed through them. It was amazing to see how we grew, from some site born out of Fallout 4 hype, to a stellar, creative community. It was great, and it was said to see it go. I don't believe I was not around for the fall, so I can't say anything about that specifically. But I was excited to see it returning, I wanted to have the great community we once did.

    Now I see we haven't done that.

    This site isn't what it used to be, and it certainly isn't better. No one posts anymore, most discussions aren't interesting or fun. If you think I'm wrong, just look at the chat log. When's the last time at least two people had a convo? Don't think I'm saying this out of hatred, I want this community to grow and flourish. I want to see this site succeed, but I don't think it is. I know when the comeback was made, a lot of people were against publicity from Matty. I could see why, but I think it was a bad move not to. Yeah, some of his fans were annoying, but he helped grow this site by bringing new people. I know this for a fact cause I was one of those people. Another contender was the fallout hype, people needed a place to discuss and this was perfect. NoMutantsAllowed was filled with toxicity, and /r/fallout is, well, /r/fallout. But now that the hype is gone and Bethesda is silent, this site can't flourish. Again, this is not out of hate, but love. I loved this community when it was in it's total prime. And yeah, we might not be able to reach that prime again, but we shouldn't be where we are. I'm hoping Bethesda releases something soon, so we can grow, discuss, and be a great community again.

    This isn't a resignation, I'll still be here for this community. I just wanted to get these thoughts off my chest.
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  2. ok

    I mean those are good observations, but pretty much everyone who really cares about the site knows all of that already imo

    the only thing that can ressurect this site is people using it daily. You want it to be active again, then be active, start discussions, join chat, write articles, tell allout to get off his butt and shizzle. Just saying things are bad when everyone already knows they are doesn't do much.
  3. I'm definitely gonna post more and be more active, so what can we do to attract more members and keep the site alive?
  4. Forum growth is difficult, and I'm not so sure SB can ever return to its glory days by anything short of a miracle.

    At this point, at least for now, I think the best thing to work towards is growing a small selection of dedicated users to pump a little life into the site. If it's standing on its feet, maybe it can take another step, or at least it can be solid enough to be fulfilled as a proper site.
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    I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment expressed in this post. I was an active member of SugarBombed for quite some time. What we had truly was special. The otherworldliness of the community was incredible, it was harmonious, creative, even the staff were able to harmoniously partake in site wide jokes and memes. Everything really did run smoothly for a time.

    The original SugarBombed means a lot to me, it got me through some really tough times. Even thinking back on my memories from the glory days of SB brings a tear to me eyes as I type this.I met several of my closest friends on SugarBombed. It was there when I needed an outlet for interaction the most. It was everything one could want in a community.

    Now, with that being said, I respect allout for desperately attempting to revive a community that was once lively, thriving. Unfortunately, this project seems to be wasting away, meeting the same fate as the original SB, and... other communities that stemmed from it. This site has many of the exact same issues that caused the original SB revolution, and the final downfall of SB itself.

    I disagree with what guul said earlier, Cavemanman, the issue is not with you, or what you're doing. It's clearly with the staff and what they are doing and not doing.

    I sincerely wanted to like this new site, but the emptiness of it simply depresses me. The utter lack of liveliness, acceptance and creativity, the very things that made SB what it was, have all been neglected by the staff members. Acceptance? This new site doesn't seem to support it, look at what allout did to @JustThatGamer at the beginning of this site. He banned him from the chat without reason.
    Creativity? Not one ounce. This site has hardly even tried to be original, to cultivate an environment where we can really distance ourselves from the fallout franchise.
    Liveliness? lolno.

    With this new site, I really feel as though those who should be trying their hardest to make it into something worthwhile are really just beating a dead horse.

    I don't say this out of hate, I literally love every last one of the people on this website who were on the old SB. allout, @guul66, @Gadethyn Onmarothi, @Skeletal, @Spagelo, @Arch, @Rert, countless others.
    @Fallout God.
    It's a tragedy to see the condition this self-proclaimed continuation of SB is in. I wish things were better. I want to love this site, I just can't.
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  6. There is an image limit, so this is posted in two parts

    I suppose I should give a fair summarization of my own as to why this resurrection has ended in inactivity to rival post-Fallout 4 SB. First, let me preface that I hold no con-current ill will towards the site nor its staff. Actually it is quite the contrary. I was, deep down, hoping SB could bounce back up with @Allout's takeover. Sadly my hope was misplaced.

    Let me first begin by simply pointing out that the staff have already given up the site, and seem to care little for actually holding true to reviving it. Many of whom have not actually gotten onto the site in weeks. Outside of their initial spammage of random thread topics, they've seemingly done little to actually maintain their religious fervor that they held so early on. Now, I am aware that it is very likely that many of the inactive moderators are too busy with life to monitor a dead community. However, you can not overlook the fact that an inactive staff kills any confidence new users may have in the site. For example, imagine yourself joining only to find that well over half the staff have not been on for at least a week, and those that have have been absent for days or have fairly low post counts. To me this wouldn't inspire me to stay. In fact it'd make me lose hope in this new site enough to just find a different more active one.

    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    My second reasoning for the site's failure comes down to the user base. During the first week (I actually did manage to join within the first few days) the site appeared to hold some remnants of a loyal user base. Users like @guul66 and @Cavemanman managed to stay active-ish in the forums as well as the chat. This is especially true for guul, who is the most active poster on the site. Yet, it didn't take too long before before that fervor died. The reasoning I suspect behind a large chunk of the fervor dying isn't so much up to the users giving up, but my third point.

    My third point actually has a lot to do with the staff, particularly Allout. When I and a few other ancient SugarBombers (@JustThatGamer, @Spagelo, @Gadethyn Onmarothi, @MasterChief, @Gaku teh gr8) joined the site on August 1st, a lot of drama managed to ensue. This had been largely because of our part in the founding of a site known as CultureSpawn, which essentially was, and still is, a revival of ancient SB. A portion of the staff of SB see our little site as being "heretical" and bad to the image of SB, much like RageFuel was in their eyes. If you are unaware of what RageFuel was, it was a site founded by a user of SB that grew angry with the staff. He founded RF as a site to discuss gaming as well as his YouTube channel. Within a few days the name RageFuel was censored on SB to "RectangleFan" and some of the staff of SB may have been involved with a bit of trolling.

    Nonetheless, back to CultureSpawn. When I and my fellows joined on August 1st, we did so largely because it felt right, as well as believing we had to defend our honor. We had lurked a bit prior, and had noticed a bit of negative talk aimed our way from Allout himself. When I joined I simply came as a casual chatter who talked memes with @Eddie. But it was during this time that a user by the name of @JustThatGamer joined the chat and was almost instantaneously banned for just joining. And it wasn't just a normal ban, it was a permanent one issued by Allout.

    From JTG's phone
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] banned again
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Nice threat

    We reacted negatively, of course, and fought to get the kid unbanned.


    Eventually JTG was unbanned from the chat after requesting so from Potato.
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  7. Besides this egregious action against an innocent member of our site, Allout had also attempted to defame CultureSpawn with derogatory dialog prior. He didn't just insult our site, but he also threatened it repeatedly.

    None of the so called loyal SB users returned to SB following its revival
    These ones are parts of JTG's unlawful banning that have more to do with Allout's rant towards CS than JTG
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    As you can see Allout created a massively bad image for the resurrected site within days by never ceasing to insult another site for being a "copy." A copy in the eyes of Allout is any site that uses Xenforo.

    It is of my belief that these actions led largely to users not wanting to get on. The magic that had been created the days before was instantly killed by a few unfiltered outbursts from the owner of the site.

    Now, it is only fair that I bring up some things that I and others of CultureSpawn may have done badly. For one we were overly cautious around Potato and refused his offers for site upgrades. I also sent private messages to many of the users of SB that hadn't made any posts outside of "Introduce Me."

    Do I believe SugarBombed can be revived? No, I do not believe that anymore, not after the events that transpired during the first week of this site's reopening. I do however believe SB could have been saved if it hadn't gone for such a negative restart. Instead of claiming a site that had old SB members and used the same format was a ripoff in need of a euthanasia, the staff should have instead focused on breeding a ground of peace and happiness. They should have extended the olive branch that we desperately wanted, and should have devoted their time to building an image worthy of respect. But, because of the brash actions of Allout, this site has been damned to never being able to return to glory.

    I am done with my main points now. I decided to refrain from discussing how the screwups of the staff of old SB have affected this site's revival as those topics have been done to death and would likely result in this post's deletion. I also did not link CultureSpawn because advertising a site would be all the reason needed for Allout to delete this post without question.

    Remember: if this post is deleted, it will be because the staff of SugarBombed do not want you to see this. If this post is deleted, I will create a second post that explains everything done in this post as well as past events.

    People involved with events here that I haven't tagged: @Rev @Dingo @NeverThatKid @Fallout God @Potato @DarkKitarist
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    Well, its as much a issue with the users for not posting as its for staff for creating a bad environment for discussion.
    A good analogy would be birth rate. A low birth rate as a whole is the fault of society creating an environment where people don't want to have many children, while its also the fault of individuals for having not many children. You get my point?
    So this a good point, one that I made a thread about a while ago. But its really bad for your point to show only staff members who have been gone for months, because people who know that there are staff members on daily will see this as half-BS. Play a little devil's advocate next time and add some images with staff members who are active, maybe use it to prove your point further if you manage.
    cuz im a salty bish i will be a deek and say that cavemanman hasn't really been active as far as I've seen (hence me writing my first post), so i want to give this chance to shout out the real deal actives ma boi wedrol (@Obama ), Pill Party and the little less active Gally and Kraze.

    So I mean I didn't know about this, not sure how it slipped by me, but this was really a deek move on allout's part. At first it seemed as he was just making a joke, but if he was he certainly took it too far. Thanks for sharing this
  9. I haven't been active due to school, other than that I usually just ghost.

    I agree with a lot, and you bring up some valid points, but I don't think Allout threatening CS was the downfall of SB.

    Toxicity isn't what it's made out to be. Yeah it can make some sites like NMA pretty unwelcoming, but it can't kill a site, nor a community. In fact other than the chat thing when the site first re-opened, I hadn't known of Monte's threats. Even if I did, it probably wouldn't have changed my view of this site in any way. I understand you love your homesite a lot, and are probably angry for what Monte said, but I don't believe that it caused the "downfall of SugarBombed" I'll tell you what did, however. Like @Gaku teh gr8 said, Sugarbombed was something Otherwordly, and it really was. The type of community and companionship we had, that stuff doesn't happen, ever. As much as I love Monte, Potato, and the rest of the SB staff, the success of the original SB was purely circumstantial, if it had been made a year prior, it would have fell flat on it's feet. But it didn't, because it was coasting on a hype train. The hype train of Fallout 4 to be exact. It grew in popularity due to the fact that people, primarily Bethesda fans, needed a place to discuss Fallout. As stated in the original post, places like NMA and Reddit just were not good enough for most people. SB came in at the perfect time. It was new, accepting, and backed by one of the most popular Youtubers at the time, MrMattyPlays. All of that boiled into a perfect ingredient for a successful forum. Of course, this couldn't last forever. If the hype of Fallout 4 made Sugarbomb what it was, it'd die with it. And died it did. Almost as soon as the honeymoon phase with Fallout 4 was over, the site and community started experiencing some serious problems. Members turning toxic, mods banning left and right, it was pretty chaos. I left just as things started to go downhill, and by left, I mean banned.
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  10. It was nice being a finna martyr
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  12. "Active" means you are often seen at least trying to take part in chat/forum discussions.
    I mean I understand that you can't be active but I am a meanboyye and can't let people call others active without reason : ((((((

    Otherwise, this post has some fair points that basically everyone already knows.
  13. im tryin my best BUTTHOLE

    I would start posting A LOT if anyone was willing to roleplay tbh
  14. woah ;(

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