"Kingdom Come: Deliverance" INTERVIEW Rick Lagnese Talks DLC, RPG Mechanics, and Skyrim Comparisons

SB EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: "Kingdom Come: Deliverance" PR/Community Manager Rick Lagnese Talks DLC, RPG Mechanics, Skyrim Comparisons and More

In an interview conducted just days before Kingdom Come: Deliverance's impending February 13th release, Warhorse Studios' head of PR and Community Relations for the U.S., Rick Lagnese, stopped by to chat with sugarbombed.com about their long awaited, open world, historically accurate Bohemian RPG.

Some of the topics discussed included in depth discussion of the game's RPG mechanics (including how many/what kinds of perks there are, character customization, crime and punishment etc), the story ("history will repeat itself in Kingdom Come Deliverance, but it's up to the player how you get there" says Lagnese), Warhorse's relationship with Deep Silver, and possible post launch DLC.

Listen to the full 45 minute long interview above yourself, and feel free to discuss this interview and the game in our Kingdom Come forum! sugarbombed.com/forums/kcd Also be sure to follow @sxbgang and @4allout on twitter for updates and analysis of Kingdom Come Deliverance!

Written/edited by: @Monte
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The Fall of the House of Todd: A Post-Mortem Analysis of Fallout 76

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By @Monte

Recently, I’ve been walking around ground zero. I don’t mean the epicenter of a nuclear blast in Fallout 76’s Appalachia, I’m talking about the online Fallout community. People everywhere aren’t just disappointed (like a vocal group of fans were with Fallout 4), they are ANGRY. Maybe rightfully so; Fallout 76 is, to say the least, pretty underwhelming by Bethesda Game Studios’ standards. On the other hand, the reception to this game has actually been quite overwhelming, but not in a good way. Fallout 76 has gotten a legitimately awful reception by almost every conceivable measure. Sales are down over 80% compared to Fallout 4’s first week numbers, and Fallout 76’s metascore is hovering in the 50’s (with even lower user scores). So this begs the question, how did we wind up here? How did this disaster happen to the once...
Fallout 76: First Impressions
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Fallout 76: Hands-On First Impressions
By @Monte

(Disclaimer: I was invited to play the game on an unfinished (not final) build for a few hours during the recent Xbox Stress Test. NDA prevented me from sharing my impressions until now with the release of the B.E.T.A)

After watching a couple hours or so combined of footage from multiple youtubers/outlets, my hype for Fallout 76 had all but died. The game looked like a janky mess (even by Bethesda standards), and it just seemed like a pointless, disjointed murderfest with painfully mediocre online mechanics and a beyond weird looking real time VATS mechanic. After playing I can confirm that VATS is still weird, but overall the footage shown by those youtubers did not do Fallout 76 and its very atmospheric world justice.

My adventure started off, of course, in Vault 76 itself. After creating my character with the same system used in Fallout 4...
The Misunderstanding of Fallout 76
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The Misunderstanding of Fallout 76
an Expose on Bethesda’s Marketing
by: @Monte

(After getting to play the Fallout 76 Stress Test, I was inspired to write some thoughts on the marketing for this title. Those with superb memories may recall an article of mine with this same title about Fallout 4 in the run up to its 2015 release, although that was a very different situation (you can read an archived version of it right here). Overall I enjoyed my short time with the game, but Bethesda’s NDA is preventing me from elaborating further on my experience. My full impressions of the game itself will be forthcoming once the NDA lifts.)

Since even before its reveal, I’ve struggled to figure out what exactly Fallout 76 is. Is it a Rust inspired cash grab? Is it a traditional Bethesda Game...
Why I'm worried about Fallout 76.
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Why I’m Worried About Fallout 76
Written by: @Karax9699
Edited by @Monte

Almost four months after its announcement, I'm still worried about Fallout 76. The game was announced on May 30th to excitement and suprise that we were getting another Fallout game so soon after Fallout 4. The trailer was interesting, and left questions for us to answer which Bethesda promised we'd get at E3. This was a mistake in my opinion. Between May 30th and June 10th, the date we'd get more information, peoples ideas and expectations weren't officially kept in check. Some people, including myself,expected a traditional Bethesda RPG from the Fallout series and Bethesda failed to inform us of the fact it wouldn't be; leaving that to leakers such as Kotaku’s Jason Schreier. This...
Virtual Realms: Realizing Immersive Narrative in Games
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By @Radvantage

Video games are the pinnacle of interactive entertainment. As we approach the final years of the eighth generation of consoles, it is astonishing to see how games have evolved. The technical fidelity that we experience today allows for a relatively robust depiction of the developer’s imagination. It was only about two decades ago when programming wizards first constructed algorithms that were capable of simulating rudimentary three-dimensional graphics. Pioneers of this technology, such as id Software and its lead programmer, John Carmack, utilized a method known as ray casting to display its corridors in 1992’s Wolfenstein 3D. Designers generated levels by placing objects in a grid, with wall...