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Ever since the term "Role-playing" had been coined back in the 1980's, there has been a large group of people loving the experience and clamoring for more. From tabletop, to computers, all the way to video games, the role playing experience has changed, warped and evolved. Many releases have claimed to be an "industry game-changer" or have accepted the title of "Skyrim with guns". But either way the fanbase for them has increased, and so has the itch for a real, immersive, role playing experience. Although many have stepped up to the plate, few have been able to handle such a task. Gamers want something real, something challenging, something that hasn't been done in a long time. For many, Kingdom Come: Deliverance has been a promising title. Medieval Europe, sword and shield, it couldn't get much better than this.

The game excites a certain minority who have been mostly ignored by massive AAA developers, Hardcore Gamers. Everything about this game is unique, and it goes against trends set by other RPGs. In Kingdom Come, the world doesn't revolve around the player, unlike Skyrim and Fallout 4, the player revolves around the world. If you don't save someone from getting murdered, that's that. No retries, no fail safes, no try again. The character is dead and remains so until another play through. This in of itself gives a whole new layer of immersion to the game, something Bethesda wouldn't attempt, letting the player fail. It is far too common in modern games that the game holds your hand and babies you through out it. This is to appeal to people who don't play games very often, to try and net more sales. Whenever you die, you'll re-spawn not too far off with more ammo, fail a quest, and you'll start over right where you failed. This has virtually removed any real sense of achievement or victory in a game, because the only way to finish it is to succeed, you can't fail, games simply will not allow it. Kingdom Come does, you can fail, and you can fail pretty hard. But this only serves to better the feeling of glory when you are victorious, when you save the village in time, when you defeat all foes unchallenged. It makes them all so much better, and it keeps you playing longer.

If you've taken notice of the quality of games in the recent years, you've probably realized the absolute laziness in storytelling. And in laziness, I mean no attempt at all. Most games hand you a fruit basket of customization options and tell you to "Make your own story." But more often than not the games that hand you, characters, plot, and actual decent writing are the games that are beloved and remembered by those who played them. Kingdom Come takes this on, instead of handfisting you a shallow shell of a story and expecting you to like it, it puts in effort for characters, actual effort for writing, and an actual plot. Not some half baked cliche filled tale we've seen a hundred times before and we'll probably see a hundred times again. It has structure and depth, something that actually motivates the player into completing the game, instead of pressuring the player into doing the storyline because "it's the right thing to do." (Looking at you Fallout 4)

Kingdom Come also embraces the ways of old, by incorporating mechanics used mostly by the more classic RPGs. Instead of traveling place to place by a click of a button, the fast travel mechanic sees your player making his way across the trails, using up resources all the way. This adds a new layer of difficulty and planning when it comes to traversing the digital world. Do you take the lengthy approach and go out on horse back? Or do you try your luck and fast travel? Kingdom Come recognizes fast travel for what it is, a luxury. A luxury only available to those who can afford it, or those brave enough to risk it. It's a game that encourages you to risk it, punishes you for failing, but rewards you for achieving. Obviously this isn't going to appeal to all. Some players simply can't put enough time into a game such as this, and that's alright. There are other games mean for those kind of players, this game isn't one of them. This game is only gonna appeal to those who can put in good time in it. It'll stay with those players and they'll find it much more enjoyable. I'm not claiming this game is gonna single handedly shape a new era into the industry, but it's something unique, that everyone should try even if they don't like it after they do. Just to see where you stand in this ever changing platform.

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