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    Unlike most RPGs where you can create your own unique character, Kingdom Come: Deliverance will have one set, pre-created protagonist, Henry. While it's clear he won't be completely static, it's hard to believe he'll be nearly as dynamic and variable as The Courier in FNV. While this may improve the story-telling quite a bit, it's unlikely it won't come with concessions such as lowered replayability or being forced into a role some of us may not be happy with.
    There are certainly advantages to a pre-created protagonist. For one, it's incredibly difficult to write an impactful and well-written story when you need to account for the plethora of possible motivations, personalities, and backstories your player might attribute to his or her character. In my opinion, this was one of the many flaws of Skyrim as the dialogue options were incredibly vague and generalized, the responses even moreso, and the story utterly boring, unimpactful, and unemotional. There were likely many different reasons for this, but I believe one of them is that the writers just didn't have the time and expertise necessary to build a story around such a variable protagonist. Even with all of its flaws, Fallout 4 with its more ridged protagonist managed to make me care in a way Skyrim simply couldn't, and I think we can all agree that The Witcher 3 would be a shell of its former self without Geralt. Considering these things, I completely understand why Warhorse chose a pre-created protagonist, and it has potential to shape up into a fantastic story.

    Despite all of this, I still have my doubts. A pre-created protagonist may help a lot in the story department, but it can also tank replayability. Whether you're playing Fallout 4, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, or even a game as well done as The Witcher 3, it often feels like you're simply treading old water upon a second or third playthrough because you're playing as the same character with the same personality who will have extremely similar motivations. In contrast, games like Fallout: New Vegas and Skyrim seem to have nearly infinite replayability. This is particularly concerning as the game will apparently have only one ending, but the developers at Warhorse Studios seem to have gone to great length to make sure every playthrough feels fresh with mechanics like time-sensitive quests. In addition, it can also lower immersion as your character oftentimes can't say the things you want him to.

    Overall, I'm fine with Henry as the protagonist, but I still have concerns. If the story is great and Henry is a well-written protagonist, I'm willing to accept the concessions, but I'm not quite sure yet whether the game will excell in that department.
    What are your thoughts on this? Are you concerned about a pre-created protagonist in Kingdom Come Deliverance?
  2. Most of the RPG's I've played with "Pre-Defined" characters haven't been all that bad, Shepherd, Geralt, Jenson. Generally, the issue that people bring up regarding replay value or whatever, that just because your character sheet has been written already means that you can't play the game another way, doesn't apply to most of the game's that have pre-written protagonists. There are more than 10 ways of playing through Mass Effect with Shepherd that I could list just based on character archetype alone.

    The problems arise when your game's systems can't support molding the character in a certain way for the player. Fallout 4, as an obvious example, puts no effort into making character builds meaningful in any way other than combat. You can either accept quests, deny quests, ask questions, or have a chance to ask for money while accepting a quest.

    This is something I'm not at all worried about with Kingdom Come, seeing as the dialogue system that they've shown us contains skill-based, reputation-based, and alignment-based dialogue options. In addition to that, their gameplay systems work in such a way that they allow the player to exhibit any type of character they can think of, immediately reminding me of the magic of New Vegas (Watch the Game Maker's Toolkit video on NV's quest "Beyond the Beef" to get an idea of what I'm talking about).
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  3. I've just always found it difficult to enjoy a second playthrough all that much when there's a pre-defined protagonist. When playing Deus Ex: MD, for example, it just didn't make sense to make so many of the other choices. When role-playing as Jensen, it just doesn't make sense for me to be a complete and total prick when he was this decent guy in all of the cutscenes. The Witcher 3 did a much better job with this, but I was still role-playing as the same guy, so it just didn't feel as new as a second playthrough in New Vegas or games like it. That's my fear with KCD. I just don't want to go back through a second playthrough and feel like Henry wouldn't do any of the things I want my character to do. It'll probably be fine, but I have my doubts.
  4. Hmm, I will agree that some games do it better than others. Though, we are playing this simple non-assuming dude literally named Henry. How intrusive can that be to making the medieval psychopath we've always wanted to make?
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