Question Kinguin? Legit, experiences, etc etc????

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by wildhogking, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. So I bought my PC parts last Thursday, most of them are supposed to arrive from Tuesday - Friday (Sept 12 - 15). For my OS, my dad said a friend from work could hook us up with Windows 10 for about $20, completely legal. I thought he was gonna give us a USB with it or something, because he made it out to be where HE could get them cheaper due to his 'connections' or whatever lol.

    Well instead we got a link to this site called Yea, I can get Windows 10 for about $30. But I'm wondering about the reliability of this site. I've done some researching and most people say that your transaction will likely work, but it's very shady.

    Wondering if anyone has bought from this site before, or if anyone has any experiences or thoughts on them? As much as I'd like to not support shady business practice, I'm probably gonna buy it anyway because I'm so damn stripped of money right now after buying $900 of PC parts and can't afford a $90 OS, but whatever.
  2. I've had friends who use it and it seems alright. I believe you can pay an extra couple dollars to cover the transaction so if it ends up being a scam you can get your money back.

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