Looking for a Fallout 4 modding team

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  1. Hey, I am looking for a modding team ex: Programmer, Writer/Editor, 3D Modeler and Someone good at retexturing objects and adding them to the game(Not sure who to call this. Me myself would be working on the world creation and adding everything into the game. I will be working with everyone on my free time as I am in school as well as I have a part time job. If you're interested or have any questions ask down below or email me at blakeb2701@gmail.com. Thank you

    https://bethesda.net/en/mods/fallout4/mod-detail/1019705? - Mod I had made on a separate account, and that I plan on remaking.

    About the project

    The project is about a underground military base Defensoris in which the US Military and Vault-Tec had made, the base was used to old POWs, research new technologies and to serve as the headquarters for the military if the bombs were to drop, basically another base for the Enclave. But when the bombs dropped the bases communication to the rest of the government was cut off. The base went into chaos with the general of the base letting civilians in and releasing POWs who cooperated, but the lead scientist did not like this so he cut them off from the rest of the base releasing mutants and activating security leaving the civilians and military personnel in the top floors of the base. Now years later Defensoris is a thriving city with the most diverse population in the North American wasteland, Defensoris gets their riches from trading old military equipment and from the travellers who go down into the lower levels of the base to find the long lost technology from the base, that's where the lone survivor comes in, when the player enters the game there will be a radio signal by Defensoirs scouts to meet him at a location (Still do not know where). At this location is a vertibird that will take you to Defensoirs you'll find out that recently a virus from the lower levels have infected much of the population and that the General is hiring any mercenary to go down and put an end to the scientists. - This is a WIP and this is why I need your help, I want to make a great story mod for Fallout 4 much like the mods I have played in Fallout 3 and New Vegas and I have yet to see anything like it. I also hope to create a much larger project in the future but I want to get more experience before that.

  2. this shizzle seem pretty cool, but i can only write tho
    heck wish i could help this bcom reality
  3. Question: Are you gonna make everything look like the classic Enclave stuff from older Fallout's ? Are are you gonna just use classic vault walls and stuff.
    Cuz there are some pretty good fallout 4 enclave base mods that could help you a lot.

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