Mass Effect: Andromeda

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What did you think about Mass Effect Andromeda?

  1. Very disappointing.

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  2. Meh.

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  3. It was fun, but it could have been better.

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  4. It was amazing!

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  5. I haven't played it yet.

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  1. The most recent game in the ME series was....different. What are your thoughts? Good? Bad? Indifferent? What could Bioware have done differently, and what did you love about it?
  2. I haven't played it, but guessing from their Bioware's direction it's more A than RPG in ARPG.

    Many reviewers I trust reviewed it negatively, so I'm waiting for the price to go down to maybe 25 to 25 dollars.

    The thing that seems best from videos is the gameplay.
  3. The gameplay is très smooth. I will give it that. The story was just...not up to par with the previous ME games, which is a major disappointment. $25 is't a bad catch, though, when it drops to that price.
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  4. ME:A... smooth gameplay, fun gunplay.

    I hated the RPG of it. The lack of it. You're only the good guy. There's no real ruthless renegade.

    Animations were horrid and made me cringe. It was painful to look at.

    Exploration was nice

    Story was boring for me
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  5. Basically this.
  6. The explanation aspect interests me a little too
  7. Another thing I am adding: Multiplayer is shitty as all hell and boring

    I really thought ME:A was going to be amazing... sigh... another disappointment. In all fairness, though, it's difficult to make a game like the orignal mass effect.
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  8. I mean it's pay to win and rng, just like ME3 multiplayer
  9. Yeah. Later, ME3's multiplayer was no longer necessary for the best ending in story mode.
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  10. I really enjoyed Combat and the overall gameplay and Exploration options were good. The RP aspect... Was terrible. In past discussions about ME I likened the RP to a Guided Movie, but you still got to create your Protagonist and choose his or her Personality. I was disapointed in both the Story and more deeply so in the Character personality.

    Another point, I really liked the Profiles, I am the type of player that likes to complete Everything and I really enjoy the ability to learn jsut every skill I wanted. I like to jump around and swap between builds on the fly.
  11. The profile setup was really handy. I did like the character building, just not the predefined character bit, as you mentioned. And the exploration was spot on, but--like so many other games out right now--I think it relied a little too heavily on the exploration and not enough on the story.
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  12. Thats sort of the thing right, we WANT exploration, but... Why cant we get both? It is like a company can only give you one of two things. Either you get a large explorative "World" or you get an in depth story with great characters and adventures. Wtf people Why cant the SAME company that does each individually well just give me BOTH. You have the people, you have the technology, this is not rocket fucking surgery. Sorry, I get riled up about this.
  13. I mean, Nintendo delivered on this in aces with Breath of the Wild. So why can't Bioware and Bethesda get their heads out of their asses long enough to learn from the original video game company? And no worries, I do, too.
  14. I havent played Breath of the Wild yet. Im getting my Fiancee a Switch for her birthday in october and planning on playing it then. It sounds amazing though.

    What gets me so riled up with Bioware and Bethesda is that they have both created worlds that are enormous and full of things to see and explore and they have both created amazing stories... They just...Cant...Get there shit together.
  15. It is truly amazing. Like, you know how nit-picky I am with games, and I have only a few very minor complaints. I give it a solid 9.8/10. You're gonna love it.

    I mean, I think in Bethesda's case, they have done both, with Morrowind. Why do they seem so intent on avoiding their most well-built game?
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  16. I mean, I think in Bethesda's case, they have done both, with Morrowind. Why do they seem so intent on avoiding their most well-built game?[/QUOTE]

    Thats true, They have done it once, But that really jsut ups my rage when it seem slike they are actively fucking around.
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  17. Bioware/EA has abandoned the single player portion of the game and it'll be no longer receiving patches, DLC, updates etc. I've never seen a developer abandon its game this fast... its been what, 6 months? I guess EA wanted to cut their losses and fixing the game up at this point would cost more than their making.
  18. While I don't think it was as bad as the original backlash made out, it is definitely a low point in the Bioware's library. The combat was a massive improvement over the original series, but everything else about it just seems so half-baked.

    Dumb story, unlikable characters, bland-ass planet exploration.

    It's a real shame.
  19. I didn't have a single problem with my Andromeda playtrough... I saw past the shady shit that happened, and found the game super enjoyable :D
  20. Morrowind did this with a mostly forgotten open world design philosophy. The narrative in an open world game IS and SHOULD be the open world itself. There's a term coined by MrBTongue on youtube, "Shandification" that describes this philosophy in detail, but basically boils down to creating an overarching narrative with very broad strokes, and to let the player explore the world and what that narrative really means to the world and what the world means to the narrative.

    Morrowind's world was able to single handedly tell a tale of a race trapped and torn apart by its own traditions - With you, the player, consolidating the different groups after decades of political conflict against a much bigger threat. It was genius and executed almost flawlessly.

    Contemporary open world games now focus on giving you a shopping list, and when you complete the shopping list you get more plot exposition at your home base.

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