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    Metro is an atmospheric post-apocalyptic survival-action game franchise developed by 4A Games. The franchise is based off of the novel Metro 2033 by Dmitry Glukhovsky. Here is where we can discuss Metro 2033, Metro: Last Light, and the upcoming sequel, Metro: Exodus

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  2. This is an awesome series, I can't wait for Exodus.
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  3. Same here. I just finished the Metro Redux for the first time a couple weeks ago. I'm excited to see what they can do with the franchise with Exodus
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  4. It's going to be fucking awesome
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  5. I hope the raw and gritty gameplay stays, I loved scavenging for supplies and ammo. My only complaint was the lack of enemy types which made the first two entries feel a bit repetitive.
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  6. I think the new Doom and Halo is good about various enemy types, so hopefully they get some inspiration from them.
  7. I've played about 8 hours of 2033, this one looks good and the graphics look very exceptional in my opinion.
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  8. They have a post-apocalyptic setting to work with, just look at all the crazy animals that have come out of fallout. I don't know how close they stick to the book series though maybe they only put in what the author describes.
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  9. now Ic an be comrade in snow tunNEL again. cyka blyat comrade huh huh uh. is very excited for thgis new metro game, yes eys yes.

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