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My absence and the site going forward explained



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Hello people,

It's been awhile since I've even posted on here, which is sad, because for 2 years SB was a huge part of my life. I got the spark again a few months back when we relaunched the site, but tbh that went away quickly. It's just not as fun to me anymore to run this site, and even just to be a twitter gaming personality like I have been for a number of years (I really haven't even been tweeting much either). I feel like being so involved with this sorta shit really made me lose out on just enjoying games and burned me out on them. I also realized I would rather focus more on my actual personal life (which includes school and working etc), which has no connection to any of this. So I apologize if I let anyone down, even though I've never made a dime off of this or anything I still feel obligated to this community and I feel bad for not holding it up. However, without the support of Matty or reliable mods it is really tiring and near impossible for me alone to do much at this

I just finished interviewing the PR man for Kingdom Come deliverance though, and I will try to post both content and in the forums more often, and try to promote the site where I can. I could really use any help though anyone can give in any way, whether it's just suggestions or actually doing things for me and the site. Also if anyone is interested in being a mod just message me on here or twitter. Thanks