*official* Bethesda has an unannounced game releasing THIS YEAR

Discussion in 'Bethesda' started by Monte, Sep 7, 2017.

  1. God damn... There's more nail than coffin here! We're just gonna have to bury BGS in one big nail...

    ON TOPIC: If there is a mobile game in the works, that is what is being teased here. This late in the year and nothing shown at E3? It can't be anything revolutionary.
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  2. Because, I like ID and their titles enough to look past the BGS label.
    If we got another fallout by InExile or Obsidian, I'd also by that one regarless of who published it.
  3. That's the thing. Why not just base your decision on the quality of the product? If you're buying an id title, you're still giving money to the company making so many anti-consumer decisions. If BGS made a turn-around and developed a great RPG, you're basically saying you'd boycott it because of the publisher.

    1. Publisher

    2. Publisher

    3. They made a bad product? Why should that warrant a boycott?

    4. I never understood what was wrong with this. I thought they handled it well. Either way, this was at least partly the publisher.

    5. Publisher
  4. It seems Mr. Hines has since retracted his statement.
  5. DK u have my permission to not give a fuck about the children on this forum, they're supposed to be all over 13 so they can handle it lol
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  6. do u really believe him?? :lie:
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  7. I have four theories:
    1.Fallout 1/2 remake. This is certainly the least likely, but it would line up nicely with the 20th anniversary.
    2. He misspoke. I think I'd be extremely bizarre if this is the case, but it's certainly possible. Maybe the CC situation was too stressful for him
    3. Fallout 3 remaster/remake. This feels like one of the more likely possibilities. It'd line up with the 20th anniversary and I doubt it would be that difficult to port it over to the Fo4 engine. Of course, it wouldn't make much sense that they didn't show it off at e3
    4. A mobile game. This is probably the most likely option. It's certainly possible that a Starfield mobile game could release alongside the big announcement this year. It'd Make more sense for it to be announced at E3 2018, but you never know. They also have a wealth of other good IPs that they could use to make a mobile game.
  8. I'm actually fo fiddy
  9. It reads like Hine's usually thing. Sounds like a denial, then after the fact he points out that he never actually said anything conclusive. In this case he said to ignore his comment, but not that ti was false. Not to mention he followed it up with this today:

    "Or I was joking. Question is, which time?"
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  10. typical KGB tactics!
  11. in soviet russia, game leaks you
  12. Oh so THATS how slavs are born.
  13. I could honestly see this going either way, mobile game is a possibility but Todd did say once that he would love to announce a game the day before launch or something like that. They could be doing this to make everyone think that this year is shit from Bethesda but then they come out of nowhere with a strong AAA game.
  14. he basically did announce FShelter right before launch.
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  15. He now outright confirmed it. Saying about the original comment: "I'm positive I knew what I was saying in the interview. The tweet was a joke I was making to MrMatty."
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  16. I'm so excited for more Creation Club implementation! Yay! Microtransactions and 4 $60 releases of the same game!

    In all seriousness though, I really do hope its Starfield. Ever since I played Freelancer, I've always dreamed of the possibility of a Bethesda Sci-Fi space adventure spanning multiple planets - With the depth, complexity, and innate weirdness of something like Morrowind. Taunting galactic emperors into submission, taking sides in faction wars, and interacting with the local populous of the planets on a personal level, as well as a political level once you rise in power and influence. It would be the ultimate Bethesda experience, without the IP baggage that they always inflict on themselves. I've always thought that if this type of game was ever made - it would bare the Bethesda title on the front cover.

    I know the game I described will never happen, by the way. Just a dream that I've had since I was, like, 11. Morrowind, but instead set in a troubled galactic world ala Star-Trek. What we'll probably get is a space-themed shooter looter where you can visit a bunch of procedurally-generated planets for a couple of minutes - With kool new armors you can buy with Fun Bucks... oops I mean credits.
  17. I'm hoping as well, but it's probably a stupid mobile game. It is very possible tho and I'm sure most of us are very interested to see what it is.
  18. Oh my if it was Starfield I would absolutely flip.

    I predict when Starfield does drop it will be my favorite Bethesda series.
  19. Maybe Bethesda will release Starfield to distract us from Creation Club :thinking:
  20. I seriously doubt they would unveil and release a new IP in the final quarter of the year.

    What's more, as far as I know, Starfield is just a word that has been trademarked by ZeniMax. It could be literally anything. Maybe something as simple as a new game engine, being built from the ground up. There is no evidence supporting that it's a game at all.

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