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Discussion in 'Issues & Announcements' started by Monte, Jul 31, 2017.

  1. Controversial Idea:

    Bring back the Pitt; I wanna see all the cregs interact with eachother
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  2. I'm not sure, it seems like a way to promote toxicity. Not that we have many rules now, I just hope we won't have to deal with toxic behavior.

    It would be funny though
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  3. Maybe you're right, but having a forum for them to get it all out in might be a good idea. But of course if results don't pan out then they could remove it.

    And yes, it would be funny as hell to lurk
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  4. the dab joke isn't funny turn it off.
  5. or make it : D A B : or (D.A.B) so it doesn't interfere with the posts we write :)

    It's kinda annoying if we write something containing the word and this guy dab comes up
  6. random discussion thread:
    "I'm starting to dabble in engineering"
    "Evolution is about the adabtion of species"
    "something something wordcontainingdabinthemiddleofit"
  7. Affordable
  8. I know one thing, your sig is waaaay too big

    gotta make sigs have a size limit again @Potato @DarkKitarist
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  9. lmao I actually didn't realize it did that

    I'll have to dabble in the settings
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  10. The old theme is back boiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssssssss :rejoice:
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  11. Maybe do that thing when your sig over something something big it makes it smaller with an "expand" option like it used to b
  12. Oh yeah forgot about that

    Do that @Potato @DarkKitarist
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  14. Yeah, I'll be doing that again.

    What? I don't remember adding any dab joke O.O

    Oh okay, nevermind xD

  15. What?? My sig isnt way too big. It's half the size of some of the ones on the old SB
  16. Half of the size and yet still too big :p
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  17. i suggest we make @guul66 administrator.

    he is objectively the funniest person on the site.
  18. true

  19. I few things I think would be nice. (although I'm not a genius so idk how possible they are.)

    Add support for gifv/mp4 links.

    Add scaling for gifs/videos in signatures (Not sure if possible, but it's a nice solution to large signatures.)

    Add the ability to attach videos/gifs on profile status'/comments
  20. gifs everywhere is kinda annoying tho

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