Saints Row

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  1. The better version of GTA

    Discuss or be doomed into a life of ultra-realistic gritty games.
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  2. oh also its on sale right now (until August 14) really cheap get it if you want it
  3. Well. I personally never thought of saints row as a GTA clone as in my opinion my favorite Saints Row game (Saints Row 2) beats my favorite GTA game (GTA Vice City) in terms of enjoyment.
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  4. I've never beaten a GTA, because in the middle of it being a gritty russian usually gets boring when you almost die from running and then tripping.
    Meanwhile in Saints Row you can raid a military base for a chopper first thing in the game and its just the right difficulty, really fun and rewarding.
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  5. Which would you recommend?
  6. I myself have only played SR 3 and 4 and I would also reccomend them both (in that order), but SR2 fanbois hate 3 and 4 so idk if my opinion counts.
  7. Start off with any. 1 is the serious one. 2 is the serious but a lot of the time hilarious one. 3 is the hilarious one and 4 is the insane bullshit cover of 3 clone but if you ask me it's just as fun and enjoyable. My personal favorite is 2 although I would recommend the later ones too for the humor if you want to see both sides of the franchise.
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  8. Well I asked for Saints Row 3 from Monte, once i get it, then ill give my opinion on it. Pip has told me it is a lot like GTA.
  9. its a lot like gta but less gritty and more fun
  10. Have you played GTA V? That one didn't seem so gritty to me
  11. Saints Row still more fun.

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