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Should we get upset about downgrades?



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Recently, there's been some contention surrounding the disparity in the amount and size of puddles in a recently captured screenshot and an otherwise identical scene from the E3 demo. While many autistic game enthusiasts have screeched in outrage about the alleged downgrade, Insomniac has been adamant that no graphical downgrade of any sort has taken place. However, some reviewers have apparently claimed that there is a noticable difference in the visuals from the review copies compared to the trailers and demos.

Regardless of the legitimacy of any of these claims, this got me thinking about graphical downgrades in general and whether they're actually worth the outrage. Even in the most egregious examples such as Watch Dogs, I'm of the opinion that they're entirely understandable. Should a company be attacked because frame rate optimization, design decisions, and/or removing glitches requires changing or removing some textures or shaders? Should a company really be blamed because they overestimated future hardware or chose not to advertise on the most barebones system? What are your thoughts?

Jk, graphical downgrades are to gamers what Jim Crow laws were to blacks or sodomy laws were to gays. As the most oppressed minority, we must be vigilant 😎😎😎 #PuddleGate #GamersRiseUp



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I can't imagine being a person who gets upset over graphical downgrades. Like, look at the fucking news, or go outside, and you'll see real problems. On top of that, these losers are choosing to get upset over puddles in a superhero game about swinging around a city with webs being shot from your wrists. I don't know about them, but when I'm high-diving off the Empire State Building (or whatever the equivalent may be in game), the last thing I'll be thinking about is rain accumulation on the streets.


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Marketing is marketing and if it ever manages to be more than the real product without being technically false then it'll do it. "Puddles" isn't a big deal, that's just stupid and so far devs haven't done much more than just bumped the graphics up as far as possible (aka use the best hardware on most E3 demos), so I don't really see a problem.
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If the game's selling point is the visuals and they were not up to par on release, I could see why there would be backlash. Spiderman's selling point is not the visuals, even though the game looks great in terms of graphics so its not a big deal there.