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  1. i like the Simssss because well you make a perfect little family (one that doesn't do bad stuff to you!) and you control EACH of their lives (makes me anxious having such POWER!!!HRR!R!) and then you can make them do bad stuff to each other (lock mother in room with fire. shame) or be nice to each other (letting mum out). i made le doggie the other day? looks great great like yes you can pet my dog for $$$$$.
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  2. haha same
  3. yes ySYEYS YES i made vampire sim who suckS BLOOD from WEVERYONE ahahaHAUAHUHAU
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  4. I fuckin' love The Sims games... I wish the DLC wasn't so crazy expensive, and I kinda wish 4 had kept that open layout from 3. My Sims just sit at home and barely socialize with anyone else because of that loading screen.
  5. ahAAH yess me too my sims reflect mE and so they are scared Litttle panda bears who NeVEr jheave anything edo too dooo outsideh of their homes. neat nice littel burrow, safe.... safe....
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