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Telltale to shut down



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Telltale Games, the studio behind games such as The Wolf Among Us, The Walking Dead, and Batman; is reportedly set to shut down due to financial woes. Apparently, virtually every game they've ever made has been a financial failure with the exception of their first TWD game and Minecraft: Story Mode, and they've only been able to get by through investors and corporate deals. A skeleton crew of approximately 10% of the current team will work to finish the next The Walking Dead game, but that will almost certainly be their last project.

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Personally, I've never been a huge fan of Telltale games, but of course, it's always sad to see a studio close as people lost their livelihoods. What are your thoughts?


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I've never played any of their games, but I've always enjoyed watching pewds or whoever go through those stories, it's really sad to see them go.
i never really had any quarrel with how the options in the game would tend to lead to rather linear and samey outcomes, i personally used to enjoy the games just for their story and emotions they conveyed through simple gameplay
it's quite the shame really
just when they release an actual good title for the first time in a while (TWD:FS,) they begin to shut down
i mean, i was actually really enjoying this new season more than any of the prior ones before. it just makes you feel really bad to realize that the story ends on such a sad note i suppose
i guess there is a chance that a third party could come in and help finish the series but the chances are low and the outcome will most likely be rather shitty
i suppose we just gotta move on and find new story-driven games to enjoy, i'm sure there are plenty more around


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TTG has had it's fair share of problems with their games.

that being said, they made 3 games I liked, and I think it's sad TWD S3 isn't going to get released.


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i mean, they might be able to buuuuut...
it took like ~50+ people to make this season actually quite good
they are now working with what is most like gonna be less than 50
issa no from me dawg
this and not using that money to actually be decent employers to their ex-employees by giving the smallest of severance packages. Its not like consumers will matter after the company shuts down.


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They supposedly hired 10 new people like 1 week before closing up aswell, great management from the higher ups :I