TES Books any good?

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  1. considering buying the two official elder scrolls books, lord of souls and the infernal city. anyone read them? if so, any good?

    probably will buy them even if theyre bad bc tes but whatever
  2. Oh well, when you do read them be sure to post your thoughts!
  3. Personally, I found them boring, confusingly-written, and did little to "add" to the lore, instead investing in creating new lore. My opinion: save yourself the ten bucks.
  4. To be fair most books based on games tend to be shit, just like movies.
  5. Agreed. The one exception that I've read is the original StarCraft trilogy. They were actually half-decent. And I've heard good things about the Mass Effect books, though I've not read them myself.
  6. Hmm, really? I do love me some ME, I might check them out. Thanks Dingo.
  7. They are pretty good I don't know I don't really read so I have nothing to compare them to?
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