The Emoji Movie

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  1. Okay, I had to do it. Shit posting with this movie is far reaching. I've never seen the movie, but according to jacksfilms (not the most reliable source, not to mention his sarcasm on the matter) it's a masterpiece. Anyone wanna take the first stab at shit posting? Or does someone have an actual opinion to share? I find both fun to read.

  2. I'm just posting my opinion and it isn't really backed up by any actual evidence or anything like that, I think it just looks fucking stupid.
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  3. well said
  4. I've read the movie was completely and utterly atrocious. Who thought that this movie was a good idea?
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  5. Apparently, Sony Pictures.
  6. They need a knock in the head. People don't like this shit. It's total cancer and not the good and funny kind.
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  8. I think what I said about PS4 would also apply here:
    Poop in a box.
  9. It literally has a 6% on Rotten Tomatoes
    Let that sit for a while


    That's a lower grade than most of my geometry test scores
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  10. The Emoji Movie is actually the greatest film ever made. Our primitive minds just can't understand its complex structure and tonal choices
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  11. Preach!
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  12. It's all for da money. Things of cultural importance always end up being sold as anything imaginable. From a business standpoint it's smart, probably got them a lot of money. Then there's children.....

    But yeah, I'll agree the simple thought of it makes me want to live on the moon but that's business. Controversy is always good for business anyway.
  13. That's very true.
  14. They make a movies about anything today its getting ridiculous. Emoji movie is a great example.
  15. Uhh great film. Loved it 1000% best emoij movie of 2017
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