The Last Jedi SPOILER FREE review/thoughts (a week later)

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  1. I'll admit, i have a bias, so with everything I say, know that star wars is something (truly) special to me.

    I love the film. It was everything i wanted it to be and nothing I expected it to be.
    I really enjoyed the cast/characters. Its a great sequel. Does it stand well on its own? Maybe. Give it time. But Ithink anyone whos watch star wars, even half as much as i have, owes it to themselves to go see this movie. just remember, theres some truth in legends.


    If we could keep this thread spoiler free, thatd be great
  2. I really am not trying to jump on the 'fuck the last jedi' bandwagon but I really disagree. I think as a movie for entertainment it was pretty good, the best visuals and action I've seen in a Star Wars (except for lightsaber fights in the prequels), but the story was weak and drawn on, I feel like it didn't really advance the actual plot of the new trilogy, they scrapped all these concepts presented in TFA. Overall I saw it as the poorest entry to the series since the Phantom Menace.
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    hadhaoihio. ohhhh hsturrr waaarrzzzzz. howw you rarely sidsappoint....... BUT thte LAST JEDI.... Grr....... i agrreee with king pig guy, mooost of what was introducted COUGH in The Force Awakens was just completely disavowed. Written off like it was some Star Wars Story movie; similar to Rogue One. No, TFA had monumental plot points, albeit not every single one was favorable or desirable to me... The point is, those standards were set. They took out Starkiller base, they blew a huge gap in the terror-scale and the fear-mongering of the First Order. Which leads to... what? None of it meaning anything? The thrill of beating the bad guy is completely pointless. There are no fruits of the entirety of the previous entry to the titled franchise. There are many factual anomalies as well, such as gravity somehow is now a thing in space. (???) Poe is a complete nimrod, and any portrayal of him being the new Han Solo is bogus. All his plans with Finn leave no lasting effect on the story at all. Additionally, Snoke! Need I say more? The buildup from the last movie just to be completely squandered in an attempt to make a wimpy character the next Darth Vader. It's despicable at best. Kylo is far from intimidating -- he's a brat with a temper and a strong grasp of the force. Let me just say, light speed cannot be used as a weapon... That's all there is to it. And if you can, it makes all the previous movies just utter garbage in hindsight. Honestly, there are no more interesting characters. Kylo Ren, as whiny as he is, is the closest to an actual character that I can see development in. Rey's backstory -- what was a topic of great intrigue for many -- is revealed that she's basically a nobody, and as well as Daisy played the part, Rey isn't interesting to me. Yadda yadda yadda, complain complain complain. Ugh. All in all, I did like the movie though, Star Wars is always pretty neat.
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  4. good comment but i wonder if you had a stroke at the beggining?
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  5. ahhahohoh wh ya would yuo hthink that??????

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