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Hello and welcome to sugarbombed.com, or if you were on the 1st iteration of the site, welcome back.

SB was originally founded in June of 2015 as a Fallout focused gaming forum. With the backing of youtuber MrMattyPlays, the site rode the hype train of FO4 and grew at a rapid pace, amassing over 10k members, and at its peak averaging over 1 million unique monthly impressions with articles viewed by thousands. We perhaps got too big too fast, and in the process made a series of mistakes (and dealt with some extenuating circumstances) that ultimately led to our demise earlier this year. After thinking for awhile about the lessons learned, I think I have a good idea about why the site ultimately failed with 2 major points, and here I will attempt to lay that out as well as my vision for the future of our renewed site:

  1. The moderating: Firstly, there were too many rules and they were too strict. Instead of encouraging discussion, the rules actually discouraged it, and the mods didn't help matters. I hired too many mods that I didn't really know and many of them enforced these rules too strictly, and in doing so caused loads of fights and troubles, leaving to many users leaving. At the time I myself couldn't see how dumb many of these rules were, so I am guilty as well. With this new iteration of SB, the rules will be barebones. I am going to go by the idea that if a mod can't remember all of the rules off the top of their head, there's too many. Basically, the rules will be as follows: don't harass people, don't spam, and don't do anything illegal (like posting porn). I have picked a team of mods that I know and trust, and their main goal is not to act as a police force, but to have fun discussing shit and encourage healthy discussion. However, if you go out of your way to hurt users and make the site toxic, you will be dealt with. That doesn't mean banning people instantly though, everyone will be given a fair shake. Also I will be the only admin dealing with forum matters (Potato and DarkKitarist are admins but will be mainly dealing with the technical side of the site) so no major decision on the site (such as banning someone) will be made without my explicit approval. This way there will be a clear chain of command, and no mods will be acting like they have more power than they do.
2. A lack of vision: It seemed simple enough at the time, SB was to be a site focused on fallout but also with discussion of other things. That's why the name was chosen so it wouldn't be seen as an explicit Fallout site to most, but fans of the series would get the reference. However, it got real muddled after Fallout 4 released. We didn't know whether to stick to Fallout or just go general gaming, and without ever making that clear the sites activity fell drastically when the buzz around fo4 wore off. Along with that, we also had waaaaay too many forums, half baked partnerships with youtubers, an active chat that wasn't promoted, and an article system that wasn't really related to the forum among other things. And perhaps most importantly, we lost that sense of community that we had near the beginning. This time around, the site will be focused on just gaming in general (although we will retain the domain name for the time being due to nostalgia/name recognition) and there won't be all the gimmicks the original site had. Just real, genuine discussion (articles will be making a comeback at some point tho). Of course, we will work to generate discussion not found elsewhere and in different ways than on other forums to hopefully separate us from the competition, and establish a tight knit community once again.
To sum it all up, we're not gonna be blind to our past; it was a learning experience. So thanks for visiting SB. Whether you're a new or old user, we hope you have a good time here and contribute to a healthy discussion. This site holds a special place in my heart and scratches an itch for discussion that nothing else can, so hopefully we are here to stay this time. We started from scratch so no info from the old site carried over, so also forgive us for the current basic look of the site. Feel free to hit me up with any questions you may have. Happy posting!

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