Question What are the chances of us seeing Elder Scrolls VI or another Fallout game before 2020?

Discussion in 'Bethesda' started by RequimHD, Dec 24, 2017.

  1. 10 chance.

    I think TES6 is revealed in 2019, maaaybe this year.
  2. so incredibly wrong
  3. It's not unreasonable. in 2019 it'll have been about 4 years since FO4 which is the same amount of time between Skyrim and FO4, not to mention that pre-production has probably already started on the next TES game before Fallout 4 was shipped.
  4. Godfather Pete has said time and time again that TESVI will only be released after their two other projects. In addition, you can't really predict a Bethesda dev cycle like that as they've been wildly inconsistent.
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  5. na guys skyrim 2 will come out this September just you wait
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  6. Pretty much what CJ said. They have two big projects they plan to release and finish before full production of TES6 begins. Pre-production started after Skyrim but I'd say right now the game is probably in the same stage it was in when Fallout 4 released.

    I'm assuming we will get something this year from them, probably an announcement at E3 and a release this fall. The next game will probably come about 2022, marking TES6 to come about 2025-26.
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