Honorable Mentions are impossible to not do- Morrowind, Crash Bandicoot 2, Fable 2, Saints Row 2, GTA VIce City
5) Farcry 3 - I don't regret any hour of it. Just in general. One of the best looking games I ever played too. There was something so enjoyable about it.
4) Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (sega mega drive) although from an objective standpoint 3 is better. My nostalgia for 2 is certainly strong being one of the first games I ever played but everything in it I definitely had too much fun with even to this day. It's aged well as a platformer.
3) Resident Evil 2. I grew up with survival horror. The first game I ever played was Resident Evil 3 Nemesis and I loved it so a year or two later I got Re2 and I was sucked in to the definitive experience of being scared as hell while having a really great story.
2) Halo 3 (but Cameron, Halo 2 is better) I'll be honest, although I'll always prefer the original Bungie Halo trilogy to everything else I always thought Halo 2 was the weakest in the trilogy for some reason. I loved it's cliffhanger and multiplayer but something about Halo 3 always stuck out more to me. The iconic gameplay and my nostalgia for everything in it is WAY too strong. Something not many people will disagree with is that the classic Bungie art style was definitely defined here.
1) Fallout New Vegas and Fallout 3 - I love these games to death and although I prefer Morrowind for Bethesda standards than Fallout 3. Fallout 3 introduced me to the world and it still has a way of getting me to come back to it. I loved it's atmosphere and art direction while Fallout New Vegas is basically the exact same game as Fallout 3 but amplified. The atmosphere looking back at it actually is way better than I remember it being. everything plus the story, quests, writing, lore, reasons, choice, consequence were all expanded to death and everything was more fleshed out. I use to prefer Fallout 3 but a few months before Fallout 4 came out, I started to notice what I was doing. Holding New Vegas to the type of standards which 3 had which is not what I should have done. I should have looked at New Vegas from the standards of what Fallout 1 and 2 did because at the time I didn't realize how much originality it had. (Also this isn't for bait about which is better, 3 and NV are like companion pieces so I never saw the point in that argument)
good list but you can't have 2 games at #1. That's cheating!

Fallout God

Fallout God of Assassin's Effect
Top 5's are always tough for me to decide since my lists constantly change or gets updated as new and fantastic games release. Game's such as Bioshock Infinite or Prey which leave a profound impact on people, or games such as Fallout New Vegas which set the standards for all RPG's in my opinion. What are your personal Top 5 Games Of All Time Lists?
With me my list changes with each great game I play as its awesomeness is still fresh in my mind. So really my top 10 are all equally great as they are all completely different games. But you've already seen my list for Top 5 soooo.....

Plus I forget some games that I would rank favourite, like Red Dead. Thanks Bran.


Known Poster
Number 5 :

Monkey Island 2 LeChuck's Revenge
(Special edition, mostly due to Dominic Armato's Voice, the voices adds so much to the game)

EASILY the best Point and Click adventure game that i've played, a lot of adventure games and ''puzzle games'' I played as a kid, I still love, but most of them are due to nostalgia this is not the case with Monkey 2..

Monkey 2 is amazing and still holds up great, the comedy is A+ and the characters are very entertaining, and so are the puzzles, the difficulty and I don't find it repetitive (maybe going from island to island is a hassle, but i still enjoy it.. and i've completed it like 20 times... and still i always forget something every run and it makes it a joy to play, I like both versions, but the SE adds so much to the game in terms of voices and designs. (which monkey 1 SE did not if you ask me atleast not with Guybrush)

Number 4 :

Spec Ops the Line

So far i've not seen any game use it's full media format potential like Spec ops did, the perfect 4th wall breaks that are subtle but still very clear, the way it talks to the player and plays with it's format... It's amazing and i recommend it strongly if nothing else for the incredible story and well executed narrative...the gameplay is eh... but the game is still incredible.

Number 3 :

Fallout New Vegas

Far from perfect, but it's the best fallout game out there if you're looking for the newer games, the story, characters and general writing is incredible and the roleplaying aspect is just the best, a magnitude of different engines and playstyles for your characters, if you're looking for an RPG, i highly suggest NV. Fallout 2 is also very good, and probably i like it the same amount of NV, but NV is much easier to stick with and just ''play'' but i love both. and the amount of runs i've made in this game alone and gotten different results makes it easily worth the No.3 Spot.

Number 2 :

Knights of The Old Republic II : The Sith Lords
(+Restored Content mod)

If you're one of those people who thinks Kotor 1 is better, then shame on you!

KotOR 2 is amazing and goes far beyond of exploring, explaing Star Wars and it's lore in both mechanics and story wise. no star wars game past or present has come close in that if you ask me.

The game being a ''darker'' star wars than ever before, is something i love, and the dark tone fits with star wars so much it's insane.

Kotor 1 is good yes, but I can't even compare the two.

The grey morality, the choices and their consequences, the fact that it's a COMPLETE breakdown of starwars and it's elements and explained rationally and logically, i think it's amazing, showing that the Jedi are not the good guys according to other people, the fact that the RPG mechanics are explained logically and it makes a lot of sense.

The Lore is incredible and so is the world, it captures a galaxy getting back on it's feet after the Jedi and sith both ravaged and tore the worlds apart.

I love the characters of KOTOR 2 in every way possible, and hell probably as much as the No.1's characters, they are all broken, and broken characters is something i love, easier to write yes, but also much more interesting, Going through their stories and the shell that the Jedi and sith has left the galaxy in, it's a game that i will ALWAYS cherish deeply)

Number 1 :

The Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt

This game is amazing, in every shape and form, and without a doubt the closest thing to a perfect game i've ever played (In my opinion)

From the beautiful aesthetic design and graphics, to it's mechanics, elements, and features, I can't put into words and make it justice if you ask me.

The Main Story (in Vanilla) whilst cliché and a bit underdeveloped, still stands strong.

it's a reminder that cliché is cliché for a reason, it works, but not only that, even though the story has been told before in other media, and also other games, it's told in a brand new way, thanks to the writing, the story telling and narrative the game uses the old formula, but creates something new and incredibly compelling.

The characters are as well written as they come, given chance to develop and gives you the player time to like and care about them.

Infact it goes beyond it if you ask me, Games often forget that before killing off a character, we first need to know the character, Witcher 3 deals with this perfectly, not only do you engage with your companions and characters in quests. you're given time to get to know them, and the narrative pulls it off, the moment you have a calm pause before the next storm, The Masquarade with Triss, Drinking with your fellow Witchers, Talking and spending time with Geralt's friends and family, makes them appear and feel like they matter and they do.

The dialouge is written perfectly, and it feels very natural, The gameplay might not be perfect, but i still enjoy it greatly, and when you're invested in a skill tree, you'll find combat is much more smoother and effective, compared to the start.


Truth be told, the expansions main stories are even better than in the main game, and once again the same formula is applied to make characters you meet and hang out with feel important, it expands everything that was already great in the main game and cranks it to 11.

A must buy if you ask me.
5. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
While I feel this is the title where Bethesda started to lose their way, Skyrim holds a special place in my heart. It was actually the first Elder Scrolls game I dedicated a decent amount of time to. I owned Oblivion, but I just couldn't get into it.

4. Pillars of Eternity / Tyranny

I have put these together because I honestly cannot decide which one I prefer. After learning that Pillars of Eternity was a CRPG that saved Obsidian Entertainment from bankruptcy, I had to get it. I bought Tyranny on the same day. I started playing both and immediately fell in love. It was exactly what I was looking for. A deep and complex RPG with skills and skill checks, as well as letting me create my own character, backstory and all.

3. Final Fantasy VII

One of the games of my childhood that firmly stuck in my mind, I haven't finished it to this day, but I absolutely love everything about it. The music fills me with feelings of nostalgia and memories of my teenage years. Definitely has a very large place in my heart.

2. Fallout: New Vegas

I'm sure I don't need to sing this games praises here, but I'll tell you how I came to play Fallout New Vegas. Having played Fallout 3, I saw the teaser and E3 trailers for New Vegas and... I wasn't impressed. Furthermore, previews and reviews had said it was just more Fallout 3, which I had totally burned myself out with. However, New Vegas released the day after my birthday. I had a heap of cash and figured "What the Hell." I didn't think there could be a better game than Fallout 3 but this... this was a whole other level. I played through it at the same time as two friends and we exchanged so many stories from each others adventures.

1. Half-Life / Opposing Force

Another game from my childhood and I don't think it will ever leave the number one spot in my mind. It was the first game I played online and we set up a LAN in our house so the whole family could play deathmatch. It was also the first game I modded and I soon got hold of the level design tools and joined my first online community. To this day, I am a member of said community and we play a deathmatch game most weekends. What's more, I still work on maps and mods for it, the most ambitious of which has now been in development for nearly ten years and has over 1,400 followers on ModDB. It'll release one day, but time and motivation are hard to come by these days...

Honorable mentions

Countless games that I play online with a group of four friends. To name a few:
Worms W.M.D
Worms Armageddon
Rocket League
Player Unknown's Battlegrounds
Rainbow Six Siege
GTA Online
Company of Heroes
Warhammer: Dawn of War
Tom Clancy's Wildlands
...phew. There's so many more too... but I shall stop here.