No Spoilers What books are you reading?

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  1. Nice, I want to learn Russian myself. While Latin is the intellectual's language and is where a lot of English words derived from it is a dead language. Japanese is soooooo hard, why would you want to torture yourself like that?
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  2. A decent bit of words and roots in English do come from Latin, but English really is a Germanic language.
  3. I know that, which is why German is easier for English/Dutch speaking people to learn than others.
  4. I'm already learning Latin, get rekt noob
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  5. You gonna be a shitty god like Dionysus?
  6. Plato's Republic

    Lost interest in World War Z, probably will finish it eventually
  7. Currently, I'm in the middle of my fourth or fifth read-through of Stephen King's Dark Tower series. Utterly fantastic, utterly beautiful, and utterly tragic.
  8. That would be if he were learning Greek. If he's learning Latin, it's Bacchus. Get rekt.
  9. Fuck man, my brain saw Latin and thought Greek. I know better than that!
    I of course do know the differences between the Greek and Roman gods. Zeus=Jupiter, Ares=Mars, Athena=Minerva etc etc.
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  10. S├Áda: 2023 (War:2023)
    Estonian book about war with Russia. The book has 2 sides, one where the EL and NATO and shit are thight as fuck and Estonia doesn't fuck up its military and the other where the exact opposite is happening. Its pretty interesting.
  11. Animal farm, started it yesterday
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  12. Love it.
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  13. That's such a good book.
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  15. none tbh. i dont read much. but i do plan to read my copy of stephen king's 'the long walk' which i read about 6 years ago but dont remember
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  16. Great book, mate!
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  17. Currently have a book on loan from my little cousin I should probably get more than 50 pages into it. A bunch of the books I have read were "Borrowed" from my secondary school. Too late to return them now.
  18. Both it an 1984 are really good. Think I like 1984 better.
  19. Anime and I love Japanese culture
  20. What are you a fucking nerd? XD
    Good a reason as any I guess.
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