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Discussion in 'Life' started by Eddie, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. I want to be a writer, what about you
  2. I've already said this but I want to be a pilot.
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  3. That's awesome
  4. I would also like to be a writer. Specifically, it's a dream of mine to write for games. I don't necessarily expect any success with that, but you've got to have dreams. Some things I'd like to do if the whole writing thing doesn't work out include being a lawyer, serving as a representative in the Federal and/or state government, and being a Professor.
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  5. I dunno, i get scared thinking about my future. I just want to have a job that pays okay and lets me have some freetime.

    I am totally oblivious to what i want to do.
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  6. Game Design primarily - That's what it always has been since I was 3, playing GTA San Andreas and being astonished that its whole world could fit in a tiny little disc. I wondered how it all worked. Now I've mostly figured it out.

    Nowadays I see gaming as the ultimate new frontier in entertainment media, and I'm hoping to work hard for my ticket for a front row seat. I'll probably be on the technical side of things - Seeing as how I can't draw or model shit. I'm also working on my writing skills, and have been writing a hypothetical RPG for the past 9-10 months.

    This website also struck an interest in journalism. I love writing editorials and critiques more than I thought I would, and spent a lot of my free-time doing so in the past year. Not quite something I could envision as a career for me just yet, but I might be heading in that direction.
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  7. Since I was about 4, I'd wanted to get into politics. But in the past year or so my ideas have changed, and I have truly set my mind on a video game designer or writer, for Bethesda preferably.
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  8. It's great to have a dream to write for a studio, but I'd say don't limit yourself to them, if get an opportunity to write for another studio I'd take it, build a great resume and than apply there.

  9. I have thought about game design more and more this past year too
  10. Im 38 and have never REALLY setteled on a career. I Started out in IT working for my fathers computer company as a teenager " Building servers, setting up networks for small businesses". Then I decided I hated that and spent 5 years bouncing around doing random Jobs like Retail and Electrical maintenance. Decided to go back to school to be a draftsman and a designer. Got an associates degree in design and found a Job working for a small VR company. At the same time I coontinued my education and got a degree in Construction managment because I thought that would be an interesting field and I still wanted to get away from IT. Now I have been working in IT for a VR company for 6 years and looking at getting a masters degree in IT lol.

    So I guess my career path is IT. For now. Maybe.
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  11. Is it what you want to do?
  12. I honestly still do not know what I want to DO for sure as a career. What I have found are things I am good at, things I can tolerate and I also found it is not Always the career. Sometimes it is the Job. The job I have now is generally low stress, high freedom and good pay. As such I for the most part enjoy what i do. But long term I want to find a work from home type of job. I would like to settle in on a small farm and garden, take care of a few animals... Just low level subsitence farming to provide for our needs while at the same time Work full time to make sure we have the luxery items we want and have finances to support us during hard times. There are a lot of potential IT options as work from home, so I am likely to finish my masters. Dream job would be some sort of remote project managment that lets me work from home, and I prefer managment or admin roles to actual production level IT. So i think i can meet msot of my goals and in the end its about finding a Job i like more than a career I like.
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  13. I'm thinking environmental scientist. I feel like the pollution and degradation of the world is getting out of hand. I've already got a 5 on my Environmental Science AP, and I feel confident in my abilities in the subject.
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  14. That is a good one if you want to try and make a difference. There where a few years that I thought about going back for Law school to focus on Enviromental Law myself. I know several people with different types of Enviromental degrees that work for engineering companies that contract designs for Mining and Oil. Basically im saying there is a lot of work out there for enviromental remediation, wether its working for a regulating agency like the EPA or State agencys or Working for the Indistries to make sure they comply.
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  15. EPA EPA EPA -Grandpa Simpson
  16. I do not really know what I want to do yet. I'm studying Computer Science at university, and I really like video games but my school only has one game development class. A job in the video game industry would be cool, but I do not think I will get one after graduation.
  17. Get into either modding or QA. That'll be your rite of passage.

    Game companies usually don't care what degree or education you have. Sure, its a bonus, but they mostly look for people experienced in the general flow of game design. If you want to be a level designer, they want to see some of your levels. If you want to be a game programmer, they want to see your code, etc. Computer Science will help you achieve the latter, definitely
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  18. I don't know too well, but writing seems nice.
    Specifically I like to make wild worlds up, I'm not so good with writing a proper story. I guess that would make me fit in well for some open world game world building, but that seems a far fetched thing as Estonia has a practically non-existant video game creation scene (I know of 1 big game in the makes by Estonians and thats it, can't even recall any flash/freeware games) and I don't plan on moving abroad in my future (my country better than all of yo ass).
    I'm still a teen, I'm still figuring out what I really want to do. Planning on taking a few different interesting voluntary subjects in gymnasium (basically High School) to get skills in different areas I am also somewhat interested in. Hoping to figure out what I want to do.

    Also to ya'll aspiring game designers check out Extra Credits videos on game design careers. A lot of tips on how to get into the industry.
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  19. Thanks for the advice. I am taking a Game Dev class in Denmark this semester, I hope that gives me the confidence to pursue it more
  20. I wanna be a film maker... well a film maker that gets big, million dollar projects to work on
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