What is your Favorite/Most Interesting gaming myth?

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    What is a gaming myth/urban legend about games/gaming that is your favorite or one you consider the most interesting?

    I ask because I always find this stuff interesting and have been watching a video on the myth of Polybius.

    Polybius Video: (Warning, it's over an hour long)
  2. that morrowind is better than skyrim
  3. i'm so goddamn close to deleting this
  4. *dabs on the hater furiously*
  5. If you complete Super Mario Bros 1 without dying even once you see peach's tits.

    jokes aside.

    I always enjoyed the dark stuff, like Ben Drowned in Majoras Mask.
    ((if that is something i'm allowed to count as a myth even though it's a fake creepypasta))
  6. I'd count it, good gaming creepypastas are pretty cool.

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