What will Bethesda do with the Fallout IP?

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What will Bethesda do with the Fallout IP?

  1. Make another dopey MMO

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  2. Hoard it for the next 10 years

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  3. Hand it off to a studio they own

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  4. Hand it off too Obsidian

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  5. Hand it off to another third-party studio

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  6. Other (please specify below)

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  1. Your thoughts?
  2. They will leave it for ten years they don't want to milk a franchise if BGS do over produce games everyone will realise that fallout 4 is the same game as oblivion and morrowind.
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  3. "Hand it off" it wont happen, dont get your hopes up.
  4. People always hope for a hand off but who would they even hand it off to? I guess they could take pitches from multiple devolpers or give it to obsidian to devolep the west coast.
  5. they'd hand it off to me cuz i am a big gamer man and know all the fix of fallout 4 and why it bad game.
    and i make it a good game of good play and good fun and good rpg and everyone like and say a bethsda bad.
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  6. Ye I agree
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  7. My hopes aren't up. I'm fine waiting, but it's certainly a possibility that they'd let someone else develop it. There's demand and Bethesda likes money.

    Prey and Dishonored 2 both under-sold, so they could let Arkane do it. Fallout 4's template is pretty solid, so it's not like that much would be required of the developer.
  8. Arkane that could be interesting but it wiol never happen
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  9. I think they'll bring in some people who worked on New Vegas to work for their team. *cough* Chris Avellone *cough*
  10. Hopefully. A dedicated writer like Chris would do so much for BGS games.
  11. Everything points towards a Fallout Online, so you may as well prepare yourself for disappointment.
  12. I foresee more Creation Club Microtransactions.
  13. Continue to castrate it whilst adding smaller and smaller content packs, and sell even more overpriced Vault-Boy merchandise.

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