What Would You Change About Your Government?

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  1. I don't think I've ever seen so many quotes in one post, wow

    I actually like the idea of ppl voting on certain issues directly (and the US being more of a direct democracy), but why do you have to get rid of state govts to do that?
  2. Because states' governments do nothing more than get in the damn way of both Federal and local policy.
  3. I feel like that's a gross oversimplification but OK
  4. I mean, if your argument is that smaller gov't is better representative of the people, then why support state gov't that do the same thing as the Feds--lump 15 million people into one whole voting pool.
  5. I myself am not against more of a direct Democracy. I think Dingo is probably of a mind that he does not belive in State governance. Leaving the Big laws and regulations to the Federal. From his Earlier comments I think he would want local government to still manage the day to day things, Zoning laws, City infrastructure, Policing. That sort of thing.

    The one advantage to that, as I see it, would be the federal government could create and enforce Enviromental regulations, outside of that I think States should maintain power. The direct voting type of systems would Aid the states in voting as much as the over all federal government so I think its still a good idea.
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  6. Succinctly stated.
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  7. The thing about citizens wasn't a statement or anything, I was just trying to cover myself, that would be fine with our territories
  8. Ah, I see. I wasnt sure if you understood that we currently have a number of people working there way towards citizenship through the military now. It is an interesting program that i wish was used more widely. The way our territories work is kind of messed up. They are kind of kind of not citizens and so they can serve and such but then not get all the benefits and medical help that normally go to Vets. I kindof wish the US would either drop the territories or make them all states.
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  9. They only give the kids a little bit, and what it does it teach kids moderation with alcohol so there's actually less alcoholism because of it. In America we have a strange fear of alcohol and talking about it so people don't know how to use it moderately.

    I feel the same with required community service as well, volunteer with incentives would be fine.

    I agree focus on defense, I'd like that investigation and research done to insure that it's paid for enough to be effective and efficient.

    If we do that with the nukes, we will need to do that slowly, in a process not asap, not saying you're saying to it asap.

    I feel there is a lot of things we need to fix regarding the budget before we do socialized healthcare, and we should still allow private healthcare for people who want to do that.
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  10. That sounds good, I'm actually in favor of granting stateships to territories like Peurto Rico, and places like it that we control.
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  11. Umm... make that one lone homophobe parliament member not a homophobe.

    Got it?


    Good, that'll be it *whiteboithumbsup*
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    Abolish government as a whole?
    Just.... what the fuck?
  13. yo my government pretty good.
  14. Yeah.... I still cannot decipher your new language.
    But yeah, sounds good (getting rid of the homophobe asshole).
  15. not get rid of him he was elected into parliament and he can't be taken out until his mandate is over. I'm not for breaking democracy unlike ya'll biches.
    I just want him to not be a homophobe.
  16. yes

  17. Haha, Purge day everyday.
  18. thats not anarchy
    well kinda not
    doesn't matter anarchy is still the stupidest form of "government".
  19. A man can dream!
    Agreed there, doesn't benefit anyone.
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