What's a dead franchise you want revived?

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  1. Over the years, there have been so many great franchises that seemingly ended before their time. Which one do you most want revived and how should it happen (reboot, remaster, sequel, etc)?
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  3. I've been wanting Fallout to return ever since it died in 2010. I miss the glory that was New Vegas and have been dreaming of a Fallout 4.
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  4. haha Fallout 4 sucks so im going to pretend it doesn't exist funny joke
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  5. Maybe Transformers? I know there were some old PS2 games in the series that were really fun when I was young. A new Transformers game could be really fun. Hopefully a campaign, but maybe a type of hero shooter online multiplayer? Choose your transformer, depending on if you're playing autobots or decepticons, each has varying attacks and stats and of course - you can always transform. Probably big open maps to move around in vehicle form until you find an enemy then you switch into robot mode and have a badass battle. MY IDEAS ARE FLOWING NOW OMG
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  6. Fallout 4? I believe that was Skyrim 2, yes, I reckon so.
  7. T O P L E V E L H U M O R

    sorry this is mean of me
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  8. It was the toppest of the humors.

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