Which Ubisoft game has the best open world

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  1. Ubisoft is a company likely known best for their open world games. Most of us probably have a favorite. However, I'm not asking which game is your favorite. You may love Assassin's Creed 4 but think the world is mediocre. You also may hate The Division despite appreciating the world. Which is your favorite Ubisoft open world?
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  2. I think AC4 is pretty good personally. I also like The Crew, but that's probably not as hard to mess up given it's a scaled down version of the US
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  3. Ubisoft's well known for having massive open worlds with nothing in them. Instead they are simply checklists with endless amounts of feathers or hackable systems.

    However I rather enjoyed FarCry 3's, mainly because I love the graphical style of the jungle.
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  4. Despite the fact that the game play got stale within about eight hours, I would have to say that Ghost Recon Wildlands has the best open world, simply for the amount of variety in the scenery between regions.

    But yeah... there's just not enough to do within it, like all their other open world games :/
  5. Yeah, I played the beta. The world was beautiful, but the game itself was really meh even with friends.
  6. Watchdogs two, id say
    prolly gonna change my mind with ac origins when its out
  7. I quite enjoyed the original Assassin's Creed's varied locations. Other than that, Ubisoft Open Worlds are not crafted to be memorable or even inspire many emergent sandbox moments - They're used to house a checklist of missions and radio towers that show you where more checklists and radio towers are.
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  8. dopamine tho

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